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Crowdfunding in Europe, state of the art in theory and practice /, Dennis Brüntje, Oliver Gajda, editors

Crowdfunding in Europe, state of the art in theory and practice /, Dennis Brüntje, Oliver Gajda, editors
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non fiction
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Crowdfunding in Europe
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Dennis Brüntje, Oliver Gajda, editors
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FGF studies in small business and entrepreneurship
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state of the art in theory and practice /
Table Of Contents
Introduction / Ralf Beck ... [et al.] -- pt. I. Status quo of an emerging research field -- Crowdfunding : outlining the new era of fundraising / Michael M. Gierczak ... [et al.] -- Crowdfunding: a literature review and research directions / Alexandra Moritz and Joern H. Block -- Crowd and society: outlining a research programme on the societal relevance and the potential of crowdfunding / Britta M. Gossel, Dennis Brüntje and Andreas Will -- pt. II. Regional examinations on crowdfunding -- The financing process of equity-based crowdfunding: an empirical analysis / Anja Hagedorn and Andreas Pinkwart -- The emerging crowdfunding market in Italy: are "the crowd" friends of mine? / Marco Guerzoni ... [et al.] -- Crowdfunding and employment: an analysis of the employment effects of crowdfunding in Spain / Javier Ramos and Bruno González -- Non-equity crowdfunding as a national phenomenon in a global industry: the case of Russia / Evgeny Torkanovskiy -- Institutions influencing the evolution of crowdfunding in China: a review of the World Bank report on crowdfunding's potential for the developing world / Andrea S. Funk -- pt. III. Analysis of specific application areas in crowdfunding -- The perfect regulation of crowdfunding: what should the European Regulator do? / Sebastiaan N. Hooghiemstra and Kristof de Buysere -- Impact of debt crowdfunding for civic projects on the optimal portfolio of a socially responsible investor / Polina K. Kirilova -- What makes crowdfunding projects successful 'before' and 'during' the campaign? / Alessandro Marelli and Andrea Ordanini -- Limitless crowdfunding? The effect of scarcity management / Dieter W. Joenssen and Thomas Müllerleile -- Equity crowdfunding: beyond financial innovation / Arash Gholamzadeh Nasrabadi -- pt. IV. Selected case studies on crowdfunding practice -- The Crowdpower 2.0 concept: an integrated approach to innovation that goes beyond crowdfunding / Reinhard Willfort and Conny Weber -- Crowdfunding of a social enterprise: the GloW Project as a case study / Radha D. Banhatti -- The ten commandments of crowdfunding / Fabien Risterucci