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Immigration, Islam, and the politics of belonging in France, a comparative framework, Elaine R. Thomas

Immigration, Islam, and the politics of belonging in France, a comparative framework, Elaine R. Thomas
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Immigration, Islam, and the politics of belonging in France
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Elaine R. Thomas
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Pennsylvania studies in human rights
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a comparative framework
Presents a productive, multifaceted view of citizenship and nationality. Political scientist Elaine R. Thomas casts new light on recent conflicts over citizenship and national identity in France, as well as such contentious policies as laws restricting Muslim head-scarves. Drawing on key methods and insights of ordinary language philosophers from Austin to Wittgenstein, Thomas looks at parliamentary debates, print journalism, radio and television transcripts, official government reports, legislation, and other primary sources related to the rights and status of immigrants and their descendants. Her analysis of French discourse shows how political strategies and varied ideas of membership have intertwined in France since the late 1970s. Thomas tracks the crystallization of a restrictive but apparently consensual interpretation of French republicanism, arguing that its ideals are increasingly strained, even as they remain politically powerful. Thomas also examines issues of Islam, immigration, and culture in other settings, including Britain and Germany
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Introduction -- The politics of belonging -- What we talk about when we talk about belonging : a new framework for analyzing political controversies -- The campaign for a post-national model of civic membership -- Nationality law reform : launching a new debate -- Reconfiguring the politics of membership : the work of the nationality commission -- Nationality law reform in comparative perspective -- Contested conceptions of citizenship and integration in France's headscarves affair (1989-1990). Paradoxes of civic exclusion : explaining restrictions on headscarves -- Salman Rushdie's Satanic verses : from publication to public controversy -- Rereading the Rushdie affair : the contested terms of being British -- Membership quandaries beyond the nation-state : European and global citizenship
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