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Making Sense of European Union Law:

Making Sense of European Union Law:
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Making Sense of European Union Law:
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This book reflects on selected issues of European law in dialogue with leading legal scholar Bruno De Witte, whose work has enlightened generations of students, scholars and practitioners of European law. The volume is designed to mark the impressive academic oeuvre of a great legal mind and true academic whose elegant and insightful writings have decisively contributed to the advancement of the study of European law. The contributions attempt to 'make sense of European Union law' reflecting Bruno's mission as a legal scholar and commenting on some of the themes that he has worked on: constitutional Europe, differentiated Europe, social and educational Europe and minorities Europe. It culminates in reflections on the very nature of Bruno's scholarship and his academic <i>persona</i>. Not only is this book a public recognition and an expression of appreciation for all that Bruno has offered to the European legal community but also an invitation to challenge the way many scholars think of academic careers and their ways to success
Table Of Contents
1. Constitutional Europe --2. Differentiated Europe --3. Social and Educational Europe --4. Minorities Europe --5. Scholarly Europe --6. Making Sense of Bruno

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