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Poetics of alterity, education, art, politics, Soyoung Lee

Poetics of alterity, education, art, politics, Soyoung Lee
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Literary Form
non fiction
Main title
Poetics of alterity
Nature of contents
Responsibility statement
Soyoung Lee
Series statement
Journal of Philosophy of Education
Sub title
education, art, politics
Table Of Contents
Cover -- Title Page -- Copyright Page -- Contents -- List of Figures -- Foreword -- Introduction -- Chapter 1 Poetics of the Encyclopaedia: Knowledge, Pedagogy, and Research Today -- 'We Murder to Dissect': The Encyclopaedia and the Progress of Reason -- The Poetics of the Encyclopaedia -- The Synoptic and the Systematic in New Forms -- Wikipedia -- The Encyclopaedia of Philosophy of Education Online -- Handbooks of Educational Research -- A Happy Fit: Handbooks - The Discourse of Research Methods - Funding Applications -- From the Encyclopaedia to Pedagogy -- Chapter 2 Thinking in Nearness: Seven Steps on the Way to a Heideggerian Approach to Education -- Seven Steps on the Way -- Step One: What is near is not necessarily what is measured as near or is physically near -- Step Two: Being in nearness requires thinking differently -- Step Three: Representational thinking is only a particular way of thinking - it is 'one track' thinking -- Step Four: Thinking beyond representation begins with acknowledging human finitude and the limits of knowledge -- Step Five: Thinking in nearness depends on our being receptive and responsive -- Step Six: Thinking - thus, teaching and learning - requires dwelling within appropriate distance -- Step Seven: Teaching and learning should be given the time and space in which thinking can take place -- The Caveat -- Chapter 3 From Heidegger to Translation and the Address of the Other -- The Problem of Translation -- Stories of Home: From Language to Languages -- Rooted in the air -- Translation and the Address of the Other -- Chapter 4 'Ethics is an Optics': Ethical Practicality and the Exposure of Teaching -- Ethics as an Ethical System? -- Beyond the Empirical and the Transcendental: the Face that Speaks, the Eyes that Listen -- Ethics without Return: Non-reciprocity as the Condition for ReciprocityEthics and Education -- Not to be Completed, but to be Open -- The Exposure of Teaching -- Ethics as a Condition of Education -- Chapter 5 Covering the Wound: Education and the Work of Mourning -- Normal Mourning and Melancholia -- 'The world is gone, I must carry you' -- Still Walking -- The Open Wound -- Addressing the Wound -- Chapter 6 Problems of Knowledge: Reading a Poem, Reading the Immemorial -- Reading a Poem (1): 'Todesfuge' -- The Immemorial -- The Price of Readability -- Reading a Poem (2): 'Mid-Term Break' -- Problems of Knowledge: What does it Mean to Know a Poem? -- Knowing by Acquaintance -- Critical Conversations, Critical Judgement -- Aesthetic Judgement and Political Responsibility -- Il faut partager -- Getting the Grain: The Teaching of Two Poems Reconsidered -- Chapter 7 Wandering Words, Words in Faith: Speak You Too -- The Tension: Where Are We Now? -- Saying No to say Yes: Words in Faith -- Yes before Yes: the Orientation -- Ways to Yes: At the Crossroads -- Speak You Too -- Index -- EULA

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