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Institutions and evolution of capitalism, essays in honour of Geoffrey M. Hodgson, edited by Francesca Gagliardi, David Gindis

Institutions and evolution of capitalism, essays in honour of Geoffrey M. Hodgson, edited by Francesca Gagliardi, David Gindis
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Institutions and evolution of capitalism
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edited by Francesca Gagliardi, David Gindis
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essays in honour of Geoffrey M. Hodgson
"Geoff Hodgson has made substantial contributions to institutional and evolutionary economics, economic methodology, the history of economic thought and social theory. To mark his seminal work, this book features original contributions by world-leading scholars from fields that have played a significant role in influencing his thinking or represent key debates to which he has contributed. Building on some of the central philosophical and methodological foundations underlying Hodgson's thinking, the book is organised around the recurring themes of institutions, evolution and capitalism. The contributors explore key connections between philosophy, the history of economic thought, and institutional and evolutionary economics in the light of Hodgson's often path-breaking work. A vital read for institutional, evolutionary and heterodox economists, this book sheds new light on Hodgson's position in these fields. Drawing together critical insights, this is also an important book for economic scholars looking to improve their understanding of current theory"--, Provided by publisher
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Contents: Part I -- Introduction -- 1: Institutions and evolution of capitalism in Geoff Hodgson's work / Francesca Gagliardi and David Gindis -- Part II: Foundations -- 2: Geoff hodgson on pluralism and historical specificity / Sheila C. Dow -- 3: Mathematical modelling in economics: Seeking a rationale / Tony Lawson -- 4: Dissembling nature, elusive economy / Philip Mirowski -- 5: The rest of the resume: Veblen's teaching and service activities / Charles Camic -- 6: Hodgson, cumulative causation and reflexive economic agents / John B. Davis -- Part III: Institutional economics -- 7: Bridging original and new institutional economics? / John Groenewegen -- 8: Dimensionalizing institutions / Claude MeÌ nard -- 9: Juridical ontology and the theory of the firm / Simon Deakin -- 10 the corporation is not a nexus of contracts: It's an iphone / Richard N. Langlois -- 11: Property, possession and knowledge / Ugo Pagano -- 12: Near misses - a capitalist aborted take-off and a no-show: The united provinces and ming China / Andrew Tylecote -- 13: Institutions are neither autistic maximizers nor flocks of birds: Self-organization, power and learning in human organizations / Giovanni Dosi, Luigi Marengo and Alessandro Nuvolari -- Part IV: Evolutionary economics -- 14: Industry and trade : Marshall's magnificent dynamics / J. Stanley Metcalfe -- 15: Generalized Darwinism, the nature of selection and market efficiency / J.W. Stoelhorst -- 16: Cultural evolution, group selection and downward causation / Viktor J. Vanberg -- 17: Generalized Darwinism, routines and morality / Jack Vromen -- 18: The ubiquity of habits and routines and their contribution to management theory / Markus C. Becker -- 19: The role of selection processes in organizational evolution / Thorbjørn Knudsen -- 20: Why is evolutionary economics not an empirical science? / Kurt Dopfer and Jason Potts -- Part V: Geoff Hodgson on Geoff Hodgson -- 21: A conversation with Geoff Hodgson / Francesca Gagliardi, David Gindis and Geoffrey M. Hodgson -- Index
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