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On the Uses and Abuses of Political Apologies, by Mihaela Mihai, Mathias Thaler

On the Uses and Abuses of Political Apologies, by Mihaela Mihai, Mathias Thaler
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On the Uses and Abuses of Political Apologies
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by Mihaela Mihai, Mathias Thaler
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Rhetoric, Politics and Society
Examining the complex nature of state apologies for past injustices, this probes the various functions they fulfil within contemporary democracies. Cutting-edge theoretical and empirical research and insightful philosophical analyses are supplemented by real-life case studies, providing a normative and balanced account of states saying 'sorry'
Table Of Contents
Cover; Contents; List of Illustrations; Acknowledgements; Notes on Contributors; Introduction; Part I: Theoretical Foundations; 1 Beyond the Ideal Political Apology; 2 Political Apologies and Categorical Apologies; Part II: Rites and Rituals of Regret; 3 From Mea Culpa to Nostra Culpa: A Reparative Apology from the Catholic Church?; 4 The Power of Ritual Ceremonies in State Apologies: An Empirical Analysis of the Bilateral Polish-Russian Commemoration Ceremony in Katyn in 2010; 5 Confessing the Holocaust: The Evolution of German Guilt; Part III: Challenging Cases6 Revisiting the 'Membership Theory of Apologies': Apology Politics in Australia and Canada7 The Canadian Apology to Indigenous Residential School Survivors: A Case Study of Renegotiation of Social Relations; 8 What Makes a State Apology Authoritative? Lessons from Post-Authoritarian Brazil; Part IV: Obstacles and Limitations; 9 The Apology in Democracies: Reflections on the Challenges of Competing Goods, Citizenship, Nationalism and Pluralist Politics; 10 An Apology for Public Apologies?; 11 Reasoning Like a State: Integration and the Limits of Official Regret; Bibliography; Index

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