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War and peace in the Balkans, the diplomacy of conflict in the former Yugoslavia, by Ian Oliver

War and peace in the Balkans, the diplomacy of conflict in the former Yugoslavia, by Ian Oliver
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War and peace in the Balkans
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by Ian Oliver
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the diplomacy of conflict in the former Yugoslavia
"The hostilities that saw the break-up of Tito's Yugoslavia ravaged the Balkans and generated some of the most tragic episodes in modern history. War and Peace in the Balkans explores the history of the conflict and its themes from an insider's perspective. In this independent and critical account, Ian Oliver uses his extensive experience in the region to evaluate the role of the international community in its responses to the war and the efforts to rebuild."--Bloomsbury Publishing
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Cover; Contents; Preface; Acknowledgements; Glossary; Introduction; Chapter 1 The Background; Chapter 2 The Disintegration; Chapter 3 Belgrade; Chapter 4 Sector Charlie: Niksic, Montenegro; Chapter 5 Operations; Chapter 6 Autumn - Winter 1995; Chapter 7 The Road to Dayton Ohio; Chapter 8 The General Framework Agreement for Peace; Chapter 9 ZETRA: Zelena Transferal The 'Green Route' to Sarajevo; Chapter 10 The Office of the High Representative; Chapter 11 Consolidation; Chapter 12 Post-war Recovery: The Initial Steps; Chapter 13 The Political Landscape; Chapter 14 The Men in WhiteChapter 15 Sanski Most Chapter 16 Prijedor; Chapter 17 The Drive for Reform; Chapter 18 10 July 1997; Chapter 19 Decision Time; Chapter 20 Banja Luka, Republika Srpska Serb-versus-Serb: On the Verge of Civil War; Chapter 21 Consolidation; Notes
War & peace in the Balkans
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