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Anthropology, Theatre, and Development, The Transformative Potential of Performance, by Alex Flynn, Jonas Tinius

Anthropology, Theatre, and Development, The Transformative Potential of Performance, by Alex Flynn, Jonas Tinius
Literary form
non fiction
Main title
Anthropology, Theatre, and Development
electronic resource
Nature of contents
Responsibility statement
by Alex Flynn, Jonas Tinius
Series statement
Anthropology, Change, and Development
Sub title
The Transformative Potential of Performance
The contributors explore diverse contexts of performance to discuss peoples' own reflections on political subjectivities, governance and development. The volume refocuses anthropological engagement with ethics, aesthetics, and politics to examine the transformative potential of political performance, both for individuals and wider collectives
Table of contents
Cover; Contents; List of Figures; Series Editors' Preface; Notes on Contributors; Reflecting on Political Performance: Introducing Critical Perspectives; Part I: Ethnographies of Political Performance in Developing Contexts; Section 1.1 Interventions; 1 Re-imagining Political Subjectivities: Relationality, Reflexivity, and Performance in Rural Brazil; 2 Performing Transformation: Cultivating a Paradigm of Education for Cooperation and Sustainability in a Brazilian Community; 3 Embodying Protest: Culture and Performance within Social Movements; Section 1.2 Development and Governance4 Embodiment, Intellect, and Emotion: Thinking about Possible Impacts of Theatre for Development in Three Projects in Africa5 Resistant Acts in Post-Genocide Rwanda; 6 Governance, Theatricality, and Fantasma in Mafia Dance; Part II: Theatre as Paradigm for Social Reflection: Conceptual Perspectives; Section 2.1 Theatre and Tradition: Politics and Aesthetics; 7 Aesthetic, Ethics, and Engagement: Self-cultivation as the Politics of Refugee Theatre; 8 The Invisible Performance/the Invisible Masterpiece: Visibility, Concealment, and Commitment in Graffiti and Street Art9 Whose Theatre Is It Anyway? Ancient Chorality versus Modern DramaSection 2.2 Political Theatricality; 10 Theatre in the Arab World - Perspectives/Portraits from Lebanon, Syria, and Tunisia; 11 Pussy Riot's Moscow Trials: Restaging Political Protest and Juridical Metaperformance; 12 Reinventing the Show Trial: Putin and Pussy Riot; Section 2.3 Theatre as Ethnographic Method: Ethnography as Theatrical Practice; 13 For a Verbatim Ethnography; 14 The Anthropologist as Ensemble Member: Anthropological Experiments with Theatre Makers; Index

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