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China's integration into the world economy, edited by John Whalley

China's integration into the world economy, edited by John Whalley
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China's integration into the world economy
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edited by John Whalley
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FDI and technology. China and FDI ; Technology upgrading and China's growth strategy to 2020 ; China's rapidly changing trade and investment involvement with the south -- China's trade policies. China's new regional trade agreements ; China in the world trading system ; China's post-accession WTO stance -- China's tax system. The unified enterprise tax and SOEs in China ; Evaluating the impure Chinese VAT relative to a pure form in a simple monetary trade model with an endogenous trade surplus -- China in the world. China's growing economic activity in Africa ; The post MFA performance of developing Asia -- Chinese enterprises and labour mobility. A numerical simulation analysis of (Hukou) labour mobility restrictions in China ; Chinese experience with global 3G standard-setting ; State-owned enterprise behavioural responses to trade reforms : some analytics and numerical simulation results using Chinese data
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