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If we were kin, race, identification, and intimate appeals, Lisa Beard

If we were kin, race, identification, and intimate appeals, Lisa Beard
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If we were kin
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Lisa Beard
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race, identification, and intimate appeals
Drawing on the political provocations of James Baldwin, Sylvia Rivera, Lorraine Hansberry, and grassroots LGBTQ activists, If We Were Kin is about the we of politics--how that we is made, fought over, and remade--and how these struggles lie at the very core of questions about power and political change. Lisa Beard traces a distinct lineage of political appeals from within race and gender justice movements--claims to a we which invoke themes of intimacy and advance powerful visions of political relationships rooted in mutuality and shared freedom
Table Of Contents
Cover -- HalfTitle -- Title -- Copyright -- Contents -- Acknowledgments -- Introduction: Intimate Appeals -- 1. "For Your Gay Brothers and Your Gay Sisters in Jail": Sylvia Rivera's Countercall -- 2. "Flesh of Their Flesh, Bone of Their Bone": James Baldwin's Kinship Politics -- 3. "You Have to Hear What's Being Said to You": Hansberry and Horne's Interruption -- Interlude: "My Friends, These People Are Our People": Pat Buchanan's Nostalgic and Demonological Appeals -- 4. "Igniting the Kindred": Southerners On New Ground's Family Values -- Conclusion: "Remember That Feeling Because It's the Same Cage": Appeals to Boundness -- Notes -- Bibliography -- Index

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