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Commercial nationalism and tourism, selling the national story, edited by Leanne White

Commercial nationalism and tourism, selling the national story, edited by Leanne White
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Commercial nationalism and tourism
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edited by Leanne White
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Aspects of tourism ;, 77
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selling the national story
This book combines academic analysis and critical exploration to examine national narratives in the context of tourism and events around the world. It explores how particular narratives are woven to tell (and sell) a national story. By deconstructing images of the nation, it closely examines how national texts create key archival imagery that can promote tourism and events while also shaping national identity. It investigates the complex relationship between state appropriation of marketing strategies and the commercial use of nationalist discourses. The book aims to demystify the ways in which the nation is imagined by key organisers and organisations and then communicated to millions
Table Of Contents
1.Commercial Nationalism: Mapping the Landscape / Leanne White -- pt. 1 National Narratives, Heritage and Tourism -- 2.Canada's National Parks: Nationhood, Tourism and the Utility of Nature / Kathleen Rettie -- 3.Tourism and Nationalism in the Former Yugoslavia / Patrick Naef -- 4.Away but Together: Diaspora Tourism and Narratives of Ukrainian Immigrants in the United States / Moji Shahvali -- 5.Travelling to the Past: Xi'an and the Tang Imperial City / Yang Yang -- 6.A New Indian National Story / Maya Ranganathan -- 7.The Silk Road, Identities and Commercial Nationalisms / Alan Clarke -- pt. 2 Tourism Branding and Promotion -- 8.100% Pure Neoliberalism: Brand New Zealand, New Thinking, New Stories, Inc. / C. Michael Hall -- 9.National Identity in Africa's Tourism Industry / Kelly Phelan -- 10.Branding a Nation-state after Half a Century of Independence: The Case of Malta / George Cassar -- 11.Who Owns `Brand Estonia'"? The Role of Residents and the Diaspora / Brent McKenzie -- 12.When the Incredible Got Lost in Controversies: Selling Tourism in India / Sagar Singh -- 13.From Risky Reality to Magical Realism: Narratives of Colombianness in Tourism Promotion / Juan Sanin -- pt. 3 Festivals, Events and National Identity -- 14.`Imagine Ben Hur in Formula One': An Analysis of the National Gallop in Hungary / Anna Irimias -- 15.Examining Cherry Blossom Celebrations in Japan and Around the World / Michael Basil -- 16.Canadian Nationalism and the Memory of the First World War in France and Belgium / Pascale Marcotte -- 17.`Daddy, Why do we Celebrate SG50?' A Response to a Child Regarding Singapore's Golden Jubilee / Aaron Tham -- 18.Covering `Captain America' and (Re)Imagining the United States during the 2014 FIFA World Cup / John Harris -- 19.Promoting Canada's Cultural Mosaic: John Murray Gibbon and Folk Music Festivals / Leighann Neilson -- Conclusion -- 20.Commercial Nationalism Research Directions: Negotiating New National Narratives / Leanne White
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