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Ransomware and cybercrime, Andrew Jenkinson

Ransomware and cybercrime, Andrew Jenkinson
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non fiction
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Ransomware and cybercrime
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Andrew Jenkinson
Table Of Contents
Cover -- Half Title -- Title -- Copyright -- Contents -- Foreword -- Preface -- Chapter 1 Stuxnet to Sunburst and Ransomware Development -- Chapter 2 Not Secure, F and 0… -- Chapter 3 Ransomware Lessons Being Learned… -- So, What Has This to Do with Ransomware? -- Chapter 4 Colonial Pipeline and CI Companies -- Is America's Critical National Infrastructure Prepared for the Ongoing Ransomware Siege, and What Can They Do to Avoid It? -- Chapter 5 CNA Ransomware Attack and Cyber Insurance -- Chapter 6 BA, easyJet, and the Travel Industry -- Chapter 7 Destabilising the United States, Courts, Law Enforcement, and Way of Life -- Chapter 8 Deterrence Theory and the Five Eyes Faux Pas -- Chapter 9 Ensuring the Security of Insecurity -- Chapter 10 Traditional Warfare, the Fat Man, Mistakes Made, and Lessons Still Being Learned and Ignored -- Chapter 11 Survivorship Bias -- Chapter 12 Air India Ransomware Faux Pas -- Chapter 13 Most Common Website Vulnerabilities and Attacks -- Cross-Site Scripting -- Injection Attacks -- Man-in-the-Middle Attacks -- Distributed Denial of Service -- Brute Force Attacks -- Phishing -- Third-Party Code -- Zero Day Attacks -- Cookies -- Chapter 14 The Old Lady of Threadneedle Street and the FCA -- Chapter 15 MITRE CWE and Ransom Task Force -- Chapter 16 Critical National Infrastructure: The Collapse of a Nation -- Chapter 17 US State Attacks and the Continued Oversight of Security -- Chapter 18 Conflicts of Interest -- Chapter 19 Innovation and Disbelief -- Chapter 20 Blackbaud, Cyberattacks, and Class Action Lawsuits -- Chapter 21 The World's Largest Global Economic Shift -- Chapter 22 It Is Not Setting Goals Too High, but Setting Them Too Low and Achieving Them -- Chapter 23 Avoiding the ApocalypseChapter 24 I If a Clever Person Learns from Their Mistakes and a Wise Person Learns from the Mistakes of Others, What Is a Person Who Learns from Neither Known As? -- Index

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