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Liechtenstein Business Law, ed. by Marxer & Partner Rechtsanwälte

Liechtenstein Business Law, ed. by Marxer & Partner Rechtsanwälte
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Liechtenstein Business Law
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ed. by Marxer & Partner Rechtsanwälte
The compendium is the English translation of the standard book "Liechtensteinisches Wirtschaftsrecht", also published by MANZ in 2021, and offers the only comprehensive overview of this subject matter. As a reference book, it helps readers to quickly become familiar with the complex web of rights, requirements and sanctions, and to find both thorough initial information as well as gain in-depth insights.   The compendium addresses all topics that are of relevance to both domestic and foreign legal practitioners, authorities and courts dealing with Liechtenstein business law, including:   legal bases under European and Liechtenstein law, persons and companies law, tax and financial market law, due diligence, criminal and mutual legal assistance law, civil, civil procedure, and private international law, and for the first time data protection law, including the GDPR, the new Notaries Act as well as the globally unique blockchain legislation.   The compedium also offers a very useful overview and translation of the most common legal terms and phrases!
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