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The Arab Spring five years later

The Arab Spring five years later
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The Arab Spring five years later
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This two-volume set explores in-depth the economic origins and repercussions of the Arab Spring revolts. Volume 1 of The Arab Spring Five Years Later is based on extensive research conducted by scholars from a variety of backgrounds, including many associated with the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA). The original research papers are gathered in volume 2 and are available for readers who wish to go even further in understanding the economic background of the Arab Spring
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Vol. 1. Toward greater inclusiveness / Hafez Ghanem -- Vol. 2. Case studies / Hafez Ghanem, editorContent of vol. 2: 1. Egypt's difficult transition : options for the international community / Hafez Ghanem -- 2. Introducing inclusive planning in Egypt / Kei Sakamoto -- 3. Establishing good governance in fragile states through reconstruction projects : lessons from Iraq / Seiki Tanaka and Masanori Yoshikawa -- 4. How to fill the implementation gap for inclusive growth : case studies covering urban transportation sector development in Egypt / Hideki Matsunaga and Mayada Magdy -- 5. Youth employment and economic transition in Tunisia / Mongi Boughzala -- 6. The role of micro and small enterprises in Egypt's economic transition / Hafez Ghanem -- 7. Jordan : the geopolitical service provider / Emmanuel Comolet -- 8. The opportunities for and challenges to female labor force participation in Morocco / Yuko Morikawa -- 9. Designing youth employment policies in Egypt / Akira Murata -- 10. Improving regional and rural development for inclusive growth in Egypt / Hafez Ghanem -- 11. Promoting inclusive growth in Arab countries : rural and regional development and inequality in Tunisia / Mongi Boughzala and Mohamed Tlili Hamdi -- 12. Agriculture and rural development for inclusive growth and food security in Morocco / Hafez Ghanem -- 13. Improving the quality of basic education in Yemen for youth in the future / Takako Yuki and Yuriko Kameyama
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