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The state between interdependence and power in the contemporary world, a reassessment, Elena Aoun, Pierre Vercauteren (eds)

The state between interdependence and power in the contemporary world, a reassessment, Elena Aoun, Pierre Vercauteren (eds)
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The state between interdependence and power in the contemporary world
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Elena Aoun, Pierre Vercauteren (eds)
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Geopolitics and conflict resolution,, v. 23, 1780-5848
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a reassessment
For decades, the discipline of International Relations (IR) has been defined by the centrality of the state as the international actor par excellence and most debates on this key actor have developed from the perspective of "power" as a defining notion. Later, IR analysts awoke to a new context that appeared to be the consequence of multiple evolutions and trends which began decades earlier but remained mostly unnoticed or underestimated. None of these trends that underpin today's global context leaves the state and traditional notions of power unaffected. There is therefore a need to reassess the place of the state as it faces all the challenges of this more complex international reality. One part of a pluriannual research project undertaken in the framework of the Research Network on International Governance, Globalization and the Transformations of the State (REGIMEN), this book seeks to address these core issues from various perspectives, allowing for broad and detailed analyses alike. The first part of the volume offers new theoretical insights on power in the contemporary international system. The second part offers a collection of chapters equally interested in developed middle powers and emerging ones, with a focus on state practices in a period characterized by multiple crises and shifting power distribution. Finally, the last section tackles the hollowing out of state power from very different perspectives, in quite different configurations of interdependence, and in various countries or regions
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Reassessing the state : interdependence and power in the world today / Elena Aoun and Pierre Vercuteren -- Relations and processes : two neglected characteristics of power / Tanguy Struye de Swielande and Dorothée Vandamme -- Emerging powers : between interdependence and power / Pierre Vercauteren -- A constructivist form of hedging in Southeast Asia / Bruno Hellendorff -- Competition and cooperation in the Asia-Pacific : why major power hedge and what does this mean for regional order / Elena Atanassova-Cornelis -- Brazil under president Lula : a nex key player in the contemporary world / AmineAit-Chaalal -- When crisis breeds regional governance : how the developmental state bankruptcy led Brazil to innovate in foreign policy and wield soft ower all over Latin America / Dawisson Belem Lopes -- The state muddled in co-dependencies and Incremental policy making : the case of the economic and financial crisis in the European Union / Alain Guggenbuhl and Frank Lambremont -- Belgian development cooperation and the promotion of good governance : testing the power of incentives in Central Africa / Sidney Leclercq and Geoffrey Matagne -- Globalization and democracy : friends or foes? / Corinne Mellul -- Failing states, international blindness and the rise of radical Islam : unintended interdependence and unexpected powerlessness in the Middle East / Elena Aoun
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