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The Limits to Capital in Spain, Crisis and Revolt in the European South, by G. Charnock, T. Purcell, R. Ribera-Fumaz

The Limits to Capital in Spain, Crisis and Revolt in the European South, by G. Charnock, T. Purcell, R. Ribera-Fumaz
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The Limits to Capital in Spain
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by G. Charnock, T. Purcell, R. Ribera-Fumaz
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International Political Economy Series,, 2662-2483
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Crisis and Revolt in the European South
Spain is at the epicentre of a crisis that threatens the future of the Eurozone. This book explains the deep historical and structural roots of the current crisis in Spain. It analyses the nexus between European circuits of financial capital, urbanisation, and the emergent dynamics of state austerity and popular revolt
Table Of Contents
Cover; Contents; List of Boxes and Tables; Acknowledgements; List of Abbreviations; Introduction; Crisis and revolt in the European South; The limits to capital; Outline of the book; 1 The Limits to Capital; The accumulation of capital and the 'coercive laws' of competition; The tendency toward overproduction, the necessity of crisis and cycles of overaccumulation; The state, money, and the national processing of global class relations; The tendency toward a new international division of labour; Cycles of global overaccumulation and crisis since the 1970s; Conclusion2 The Limits to Import Substitution IndustrialisationTheorising the limits to import substitution industrialisation; The historical roots of Spain's economic 'backwardness'; The limits to import substitution industrialisation under Franco; Industrial development in Spain within the emergent new international division of labour; Overaccumulation and the crisis of the fascist state; Conclusion; 3 The Limits to European Integration; The restructuring of Spanish industry and the fragmentation of labour in the 1980sThe first phase of European integration, overaccumulation, and the monetary crisis of 1992The 'Spanish Miracle' redux?; The differentiation of Spanish capitals in the 1990s and 2000s; European Monetary Union and overaccumulation in Spain; Conclusion; 4 The Limits to Urbanisation; Theorising the urban process in contemporary capitalism; Capital switching and the Spanish covered bonds market; The bases for accelerated urbanisation in Spain after 1998; The local state and urban entrepreneurialism in Spain; Conclusion; 5 The Limits to the State; The depth of the crisis in SpainFrom a 'financial' to a 'sovereign debt crisis': Austerity and the imposition of 'internal devaluation'Indignation: A generalised condition; The 'stop desahucios' campaign and the struggle against money and law; The Catalan question and the challenge to the Estado de las Autonomías; Conclusion; Conclusion; The limits to capital in Spain; European Monetary Union and the limits to capital in the European South; Notes; Bibliography; Index
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