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India :, Selected Issues Paper

India :, Selected Issues Paper
This Selected Issues paper examines how surges in global financial market volatility spill over to emerging market economies (EMs) including India. The results suggest that a surge in global financial market volatility is transmitted very strongly to key macroeconomic and financial variables of EMs, and the extent of its pass-through increases with the depth of external balance-sheet linkages between advanced countries and EMs. The paper also looks at food inflation, which has often been singled out as a key driver of India’s high and persistent inflation
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India :
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Selected Issues Paper
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Cover; CONTENTS; SUMMARY; SPILLOVERS FROM SURGES IN GLOBAL FINANCIAL MARKET VOLATILITY; FIGURES; 1. Network of Global Portfolio Investment Liability (Debt and Equity) Exposures; 2. Responses of Key Variables to Global Financial Market Volatility Shocks; References; INDIA'S FOOD INFLATION: CAUSES AND CONSEQUENCES; References; APPENDIX; 1. India: Fitted Engel Curves for Key Food Expenditure Categories; EL NIÑO WEATHER SHOCKS AND THEIR IMPACT ON INDIA; FIGURES; 2. El Niño Southern Oscillation (ENSO) Status; 3. Global Climatological Effects of El Niño; ReferencesMONETARY POLICY IN INDIA: TRANSMISSION TO BANK INTEREST RATESTABLES; 1. Descriptive Statistics; 2. Speed of Adjustment: Number of Months Required to Complete 80% Pass-through of Repo Rate Increase; 3. Bank Interest Rates and WACMR: Asymmetric SR VECM Results; References; A NEW FISCAL RULE FOR INDIA?; TABLES; 1. Properties of Different Types of Fiscal Rules Against Key Objectives; References; PRICE AND INCOME ELASTICITY OF INDIAN EXPORTS-THE ROLE OF STRUCTURAL RIGIDITIES; References; EFFECTIVENESS OF EMERGING MARKET POLICY RESPONSES SINCE THE TAPER TALK; ReferencesINDIA'S CORPORATE SECTOR: HEALTH AND PROFITABILITYReferences; CORPORATE LEVERAGE AND INVESTMENT IN INDIA; References; FINANCIAL INCLUSION AND ACCESS IN INDIA: ANALYSIS USING A STRUCTURAL MODEL; FIGURES; 2. Effects of Reducing the Participation Cost; 3. Effects of Relaxing Collateral Constraints; 4. Effects of Increasing Intermediation Efficiency; TABLE; 1. Comparative Statistics, 2005 versus 2009; 5. Impact of Priority Sector Lending; BOX; 1. India's Efforts to Enhance Financial Inclusion; References; INDIA'S PROGRESS ON ACHIEVING THE MILLENNIUM DEVELOPMENT GOALS; ReferencesHOLDING UP HALF THE SKY: ANALYSIS OF FEMALE LABOR FORCE PARTICIPATION INDIATABLES; 1. Determinants of Female Labor Force Participation; 2. Formal and Informal Employment; 3. Infrastructure and Social Spending; References