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Cultural diversity and the law, state responses from around the world, Marie-Claire Foblets, Jean-François Gaudreault-DesBiens, Alison Dundes Renteln (editors)

Cultural diversity and the law, state responses from around the world, Marie-Claire Foblets, Jean-François Gaudreault-DesBiens, Alison Dundes Renteln (editors)
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Cultural diversity and the law
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Marie-Claire Foblets, Jean-François Gaudreault-DesBiens, Alison Dundes Renteln (editors)
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state responses from around the world
Table Of Contents
Law in the face of cultural diversity : South Africa / Tom W. Bennett -- On freedom, equality and citizenship : changing fundamentals of Dutch minority policy and law (immigration, integration, education and religion) / B.P. Vermeulen -- On the recognition and institutionalisation of Islam in Germany / Mathias Rohe -- The state management of legal and cultural diversity in Canada / Jean-François Gaudreault-Desbiens -- Legal responses to cultural diversity : multi-ethnicity, the state, and the law in Latin America / Monique Nuijten -- Ghana : how does state law accommodate religious, cultural, linguistic and ethnic diversity? / Gordon R. Woodman -- Cultural diversity and the law in East Timor / Peter Wesley-Smith -- The response of state law to religious, linguistic, cultural and ethnic diversity in Zambia / Chuma Himonga -- Lebanese law in face of the diversity of communities and cultures / Pierre Gannagé -- Law and cultural diversity in Spain / Maria Elósegui and Cesar Arjona -- A framework for pluralistic socio-legal arenas / Brian Z. Tamanaha -- Law, state and culture : how countries accommodate religious, cultural and ethnic diversity, the British and Indian experiences / Werner Menski -- Islam in contemporary France and Indonesia : challenges for legal pluralism / John R. Bowen -- Islam and the European system of state-religions relations throughout Europe / Silvio Ferrari -- Reference to public order ("ordre public") in French private international law / Paul Lagarde -- Egypt : religious pluralism and the law : how does Egyptian civil law accommodate religious diversity? / Hossam El-Ehwany -- The management of religious diversity in Tunisian family law / M. Ben Jémia -- ǂt Islamic family law and custom in Denmark / Rubya Mehdi -- The French family judge encounters cultural pluralism / Hugues Fulchiron -- Entering the religious thicket : principle or precedent? / Natasha Bakht -- Human rights as a framework for negotiating/protecting cultural differences : an exploration of the case-law of the European Court of Human Rights / Eva Brems -- European minority rights / Bruno de Witte -- International human rights, women, gender and culture : perspectives from Africa / Ann Griffiths -- Regional integration and cultural diversity : the case of European citizenship / Jean-Yves Carlier -- International normativeaction for cultural diversity : the contribution of UNESCO / Jan Wouters andMaarten Vidal -- The cultural defense : challenging the monocultural paradigm / Alison Dundes Renteln -- Sustainable management of religious diversity : an overview of the Belgian model and its prospects for success / Louis-Léon Christians -- Empirical conflict rules in Dutch legal cases of cultural diversity / André J. Hoekema and Wibo M. Van Rossum -- Unity and diversity : multiple citizenship in Indonesia / Franz von Benda-Beckmann and Keebet von Benda-Beckmann -- Cree conceptions of aboriginal rights / Andrée Lajoie, Cécile Bergada and Alexandre Courtemanche