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Citizenship and solidarity in the European Union, from the Charter of Fundamental Rights to the crisis, the state of the art, Alessandra Silveira, Mariana Canotilho, Pedro Madeira Froufe (eds.)

Citizenship and solidarity in the European Union, from the Charter of Fundamental Rights to the crisis, the state of the art, Alessandra Silveira, Mariana Canotilho, Pedro Madeira Froufe (eds.)
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Citizenship and solidarity in the European Union
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Alessandra Silveira, Mariana Canotilho, Pedro Madeira Froufe (eds.)
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Euroclio. Studies and documents ;, No. 75
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from the Charter of Fundamental Rights to the crisis, the state of the art
This book attempts to address an important question: where is the European project going? As Europe struggles with the most profound economic and social crises in recent history, what happens to the promises of freedom, democracy, equality and respect for the inviolable and inalienable rights of the human person proclaimed in the Preamble of the Treaty on European Union? How does the European Union intend to demonstrate its commitment to fundamental social rights at a time of widespread deregulation and an increasingly precarious labour market? How can we further enhance the democratic and efficient functioning of European institutions when there is a growing distance between citizens and political elites? This publication is based on papers given at the international conference «Citizenship and Solidarity in the European Union - from the Charter of Fundamental Rights to the Crisis: The State of the Art», which took place in the School of Law at the University of Minho, Portugal, in May 2012. The line-up of contributors includes scholars from southern and northern Europe and Brazil, and together the papers constitute a lively and productive debate about the future of Europe -- Publisher's description
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Introduction by Professor Mariana Canotilho -- PART I. DEMOCRACY/CITIZENSHIP -- Democracy, solidarity and crisis : some reflections on the state of Europe / Emilios Christodoulidis -- Citizens' legislative initiative and citizenship of rights / Teresa Freixes -- Reconciling integrationist aspirations with budgetary realities : citizenship and solidarity in the union legal order / Jonathan Tomkin -- The anatomy of civic integration (previously published in The Modern Law Review -- (2010) 73(6) 933-958) / Dora Kostakopoulou -- Charter of the fundamental rights of the European Union and the fundamental rights in the Brazilian constitution : a question -- Of citizenship over the focus on the constitutionalisation of Brazilian civil law / José Rubens Moraes -- PART II. DEVELOPMENT/COMPETITIVENESS -- Free movement of workers in times of crisis : some observations / Raul Trujillo -- Equality in an economic crisis : re-writing age discrimination legislation / Elaine Dewhurst -- Is the area of freedom security and justice a factor of development and competitiveness in the European Union? / Nuno Piçarra -- Development, competition and global administrative law / Marcílio Toscano Franca-Filho -- The Euro of our discontent / João Rodrigues -- Prospects for social Europe : what social Europe can we get? / Katarzyna Gromek Broc -- PART III. MULTILEVEL CONSTITUTIONALITY/POLITICAL IDENTITY -- Tensions in the multilevel protection of fundamental rights : the meaning of Article 53 EU Charter / Bruno de Witte -- European identity, citizenship and the model of integration / Francisco Balaguer -- Multiple political identities : revisiting the 'maximum standard' / Leonard F. M. Besselink -- The multilevel context of union citizenship : the right to consular protection as a case in point title / Eva-Maria Poptcheva -- Transconstitutionalism : brief considerations with special reference to Latin America / Marcelo Neves -- PART IV. EQUALITY/SOLIDARITY -- Equality, solidarity and the Charter in time of crisis : a case study of dismissal / Catherine Barnard -- Protecting fundamental rights of migrants in (ir)regular situations during the economic crisis / Donatella Loprieno -- Health equality, solidarity and human rights in European Union law / Tamara Hervey -- Citizenship and solidarity in the European Union : from Brussels to Echternach? / Francine Mestrum -- EU citizenship : new questions in need of an answer / Dimitry Kochenov -- The political economy of European deconstruction / José Castro Caldas -- PART V. DIVERSITY/CULTURE -- Cultural diversity, citizenship, migration flows / Domenico D'Orsogna -- Cultural diversity as a political and legal challenge and a basis for humanism in our times / Jesus Prieto de Pedro -- Protection of diversity and legal treatment of the foreigner : the Italian model / Franco Gaetano Scoca -- On legal auto-immunity : fostering the combination of systemic and deconstrutive critical approaches to hostile diversity in contemporary world society / Willis Guerra -- European constitutionalism in 2012 : times are tough again / Antonio-Carlos Pereira Menaut -- Conclusions / Alessandra Silveira, Pedro Madeira Froufe & Mariana Canotilho
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