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Urban economy, real estate economics and public policy, Colin Jones

Urban economy, real estate economics and public policy, Colin Jones
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non fiction
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Urban economy
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Colin Jones
Sub title
real estate economics and public policy
"Urban Economy: Real Estate Economics and Public Policy analyses urban economic change and public policy in a more practical way than a typical urban economics book. The book has a distinctive framework that considers the underlying reasons, and the consequences of urban change for real estate investors and policy makers"--, Provided by publisher
Table Of Contents
1. Introduction -- PART 1: Spatial Pattern of Economic Activity -- 2. Location of Economic Activity -- 3. Spatial Agglomeration -- 4. Spatial Structure of Towns and Cities -- 5. Spatial Structure of the Housing Market -- 6. Planning and Land Market -- 7. Urban Housing Markets -- 8. Urban Commercial Real Estate Markets -- PART 2: Spatial Change and Public Policy -- 9. Growth, Decline and Revival of Cities -- 10. Explaining Intra-Urban Economic Change -- 11. Changing Urban Systems -- 12. Real Estate Impacts of Urban and Technological Change -- 13. Real Estate Investment, Planning and Urban Economic Change -- 14. Urban Public Finance -- 15. Transport Policies -- 16. Urban Sustainability -- 17. Neighbourhood and Housing Market Dynamics -- PART 3: Regeneration and Urban Growth Policies -- 18. Urban Regeneration Policies -- 19. Urban Competitiveness and the Real Estate Market -- 20. Physical and Housing Led Urban Regeneration -- 21. Enterprise Zones: Real Estate Led Regeneration -- 22. Urban Development Corporations: A Costless Solution? -- 23. Development of Sustainable Markets -- Index

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