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Communicating Europe, journals and European integration 1939-1979 /, edited by Daniele Pasquinucci, Daniela Preda and Luciano Tosi

Communicating Europe, journals and European integration 1939-1979 /, edited by Daniele Pasquinucci, Daniela Preda and Luciano Tosi
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Communicating Europe
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edited by Daniele Pasquinucci, Daniela Preda and Luciano Tosi
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journals and European integration 1939-1979 /
This volume is dedicated to the debate on European unification developed between the end of World War II and 1979 in two types of magazines. The first type of magazines are those not exclusively dedicated to the European themes, but particularly significant for the impact they had in the cultural-political debate and in the concrete unfolding of the process of European integration; while the second type are militant magazines, belonging to the European and federalist area, whose proactive role was fundamental both for the theoretical elaboration of the ideas as the basis of the future of the European continent, and for the practical propaganda. All these publications contributed in different ways to the spread of knowledge of European integration, of its implications and of its political, social and economic consequences. No less important - and this is the third type of journals taken into consideration in the book - has been the birth and development of magazines directly sponsored by the Community institutions, whose action was framed within a real European communication, made by the EC institutions, particularly the Commission in Brussels, since their origins
Table Of Contents
Luciano Tosi: Introduction -- The movements for European unity press. Daniela Preda: Culture, politics, information: the newspapers of the movements for European unity -- Davide Baviello: Europa federata and the European Federalist movement -- Jean-Marie Palayret: Les journaux de la campagne Européenne de la jeunesse (1951-1958): Jeune Europe, Giovane Europa, Juqgen Europas et Young Europe -- Fabio Zucca: The debate on the united states of Europe in European local authority newspapers -- Luca Camprini: Il federalista: genesis of a political Review (1959-1969) -- Raffaella Cinquanta: Il federalista: a tool for interpretation, strategy and propaganda in MFE cultural politics (1970-1979) -- Jean-Pierre Gouzy: L'Europe en formation (1960-1969) -- Paolo Caraffini; Unieuropa: the bulletin of CIME, the Italian Council of the European movement, 1971-1979 -- Elena Sergi: Scuola d'Europa and education Européenne: a comparison of their contents and methods of communication from their creation to the early seventies -- Silvio Berardi: Gustavo Malan et Mary Tibaldi Chiesa: Entre federalismo nel mondo et mondo unito -- The cultural reviews and the specialized press. Daniele Pasquinucci: Il ponte, il mondo et L'unification Européenne -- Stefano Quirico: Liberalism and Europe: the Nuova Antologia (1945-1956) -- Moris Frosio Roncalli: Umberto Campagnolo et la Revue comprendre: du fédéralisme révolutionnaire à la Politique de la culture -- Andrea Becherucci: Angelo Magliano et la Revue l'Europa -- Angela Villani: European integration and North-South dialogue: the debate on politica internazionale (1969-1979) -- Antonio Bonatesta: The stronghold of southern Europeism: the journal il Mezzogiorno e le comunità Europee (1962-1970) -- Guido Levi: Anti-Francoism and Europeanism: the emblematic case of Cuadernos para el diálogo -- Elisa Tizzoni: The local public administration journals and the debate about the first European communities -- Antonio Maria Orecchia: "The ballots return the rebirth of a continent": the first European Parliament elections as seen in opinion dailies -- Lucio Valent: Does Europe have a future? foreign affairs and the future of USA-Europe relations, 1976-1979 -- The journals of the parties and of the social movements. Jean-Francis Billion: Les revues de la résistance Française et l'Europe (1939-1945) -- Andrea Ragusa: Europa socialista and iniziativa socialista per l'unità Europea: the experience of socialist Europeism in Italy -- Jean-Francis Billion: Fédéchoses pour le fédéralisme -- Laura Grazi: "A socialist alternative for Europe": the European question in Critica sociale, avanti! and Mondoperaio in the Seventies -- Michele Marchi: Catholiques mais avant tout Français: la presse Catholique Française de l'après-guerre aux traités de Rome -- Luca Barbaini: On the origins of European deliberation of La civiltà Cattolica and Humanitas -- Paolo Acanfora: Campaigning for Europe: the Christian Democratic Party and the Europeanization of masses: Bulletin traguardo (1948-1957) -- Gerardo Nicolosi: Risorgimento liberale and Europe: the "United Europe" debate on pli's house organ (1943-1948) -- The birth of a European communication. Federica di Sarcina: The European Commission Service Women's Press and Organisations Information: the contribution of Fausta Deshormes La Valle to European gender citizenship -- Angelita Campriani: European institutions and information publications, notes and press releases at the origins of integration -- Fabio Casini: The birth of the joint press and information service (1958-1960) -- Giulio Peroni: The legal instrument of the Communication and its incidence in promoting the unity of Europe -- Pier Virgilio Dastoli: Crocodile, Lettre aux députés Européens