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Corporate governance, a survey of OECD countries

Corporate governance, a survey of OECD countries
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Corporate governance
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a survey of OECD countries
Corporate scandals and failures as well as broader economic concerns have driven OECD countries to devote increased attention to corporate governance which is now recognised as a vital factor in economic growth and financial stability. Countries hardest hit by scandals have been active in policy reform initiatives, but others have also been compelled to examine their corporate governance systems for possible systemic weaknesses. This survey examines the systemic issues at the forefront of the corporate governance debate and discusses how OECD countries have responded. It offers a rich variety of experiences that other countries may wish to draw on when considering their policy options. The survey confirms the relevance of the OECD Principles of Corporate Governance in considering what needs to be done by authorities and by companies to improve corporate governance. It also reveals the challenges involved in translating the Principles into action and helps identify areas where they might need further elaboration in the review of the Principles currently under way
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