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Islamic Schooling in the West, Pathways to Renewal, edited by Mohamad Abdalla, Dylan Chown, Muhammad Abdullah

Islamic Schooling in the West, Pathways to Renewal, edited by Mohamad Abdalla, Dylan Chown, Muhammad Abdullah
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non fiction
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Islamic Schooling in the West
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edited by Mohamad Abdalla, Dylan Chown, Muhammad Abdullah
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Pathways to Renewal
This book presents the views of leading scholars, academics, and educators on the renewal of Islamic schools in the Western context. The book argues that as Islamic schools in Western contexts have negotiated the establishment phase they must next embrace a period of renewal. Renewal relates to a purposeful synthesis of the tradition with contemporary educational practice and greater emphasis on empirical research substantiating best practices in Islamic schools. This renewal must reflect teaching and learning practices consistent with an Islamic worldview and pedagogy. It should also inform, among other aspects, classroom management models, and relevant and contextual Islamic and Arabic studies. This book acquaints the reader with contemporary challenges and opportunities in Islamic schools in the Western context with a focus on Australia
Table Of Contents
Chapter 1. The emergence of Islamic Schools: A Contextual Background -- Chapter 2. Muslim Schools in Australia: Development and Transition -- Chapter 3. Towards a hybrid approach to the governance of Islamic schools -- Chapter 4. What else do they teach in an Islamic school? -- Chapter 5. Islamic Worldview and Curriculum Development -- Chapter 6. Muslim Ethos within Muslim schools -- Chapter 7. Enacting vision in a faith school: Putting words into actions -- Chapter 8. Islamic Pedagogy: Potential and Perspective -- Chapter 9. A pedagogical framework for teacher discourse and practice in Islamic Schools -- Chapter 10. Attaining the “Islamic” In Islamic Schools -- Chapter 11. The importance of Islamic studies from an Islamic worldview in Australia -- Chapter 12. Islamic Studies in Islamic Schools: Evidence-based Renewal -- Chapter 13. Arabic teaching at Australian Islamic Schools: A C.A.L.L frame.

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