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Trade unions and regions, better work, experimentation, and regional, edited by Christian Levesque [and four others]

Trade unions and regions, better work, experimentation, and regional, edited by Christian Levesque [and four others]
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Trade unions and regions
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edited by Christian Levesque [and four others]
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Routledge studies in employment and work relations in context
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better work, experimentation, and regional
"Unions at Work in Regions: Better Work, Experimentation, and Regional Governance is about the place of workers and their unions in the modern world. It addresses current challenges for unions working in regions and the experiments that may take place at this level of governance. The book addresses pressing questions concerned with the conditions for better work and a humane society. The focus is on the capacities of unions to address questions relating to regional governance, in both supra national and sub national regions. It examines workers and their unions in a variety of contexts: multinationals, industries, in workplaces and communities. The authors address the experiments that can be initiated by unions, governments or employers and the ways in which collective organisations engage to address these matters in regional contexts. The analysis takes as a starting point the fracturing and divisions evident in various regions, in Australia, Canada, Mexico, Spain, the United Kingdom, and USA. The contributors propose novel analyses with lessons for unions. It should be of interest to union activists and leaders, political parties, governments, and those who make decisions in and about regions. Researchers and students of labour markets, political mobilisation and engagement will take the analyses further"--, Provided by publisher
Table Of Contents
Intro -- Half Title -- Series Page -- Title Page -- Copyright Page -- Contents -- Figures -- Tables -- Contributors -- Acknowledgements -- 1. Understanding Union Power and Regional Governance -- Unions -- Regions and Regional Governance -- Workers, Unions, and Regional Governance -- The Making of Experimentation -- Using Power Resources -- The Processes and Consequences of Experimentation -- The Book and Its Focus -- Organisational Experimentations -- Institutional Experimentations -- Comparative Studies of Experimentation -- The Interconnections between Organisational and Institutional Experimentation -- References -- Part I: Organisational Experimentations -- 2. Urban Regimes: Experiments and Institutional Innovation -- Introduction -- Urban Regimes and Forms of Governance -- Bristol: Understanding Urban Regimes -- The Fordist/Labourist Urban Regime 1950s-1970s -- Bristol and the Neo-liberal Revolution 1970s-2000s -- From Neo-liberalism to Partnership and Networked Governance? -- Conclusions -- Note -- References -- 3. Collective Bargaining and Regional Resilience: Recalibrating Labour Relations in the Great Lakes Region Automotive Industry -- Introduction -- The GLR Automotive Industry -- Automotive Production in the GLR -- Auto Industry Collective Bargaining in the United States and Canada -- Restoring Regional Competitiveness: Concessionary Bargaining in the Great Lakes Auto Industry: 2000-2015 -- The Advent of Ultra-Concessionary Bargaining: 2003-2007 -- The 2008-2009 Bankruptcy Restructuring Crisis -- Post-Crisis Bargaining: 2011-2015 -- The 2016 Unifor-D-3 Contract Negotiations in Canada -- Context for Negotiations -- Bargaining Process and Outcomes -- Assessment of Outcomes -- Conclusion -- Postscript -- Notes -- References -- Part II: Institutional Experimentation -- 4. Reflections on Labour Strategy in Urban and Regional GovernanceUnions and Urban Political Economy -- Union Capacities within Urban Regions -- Capacity to Assemble Productive Territories -- Capacity to Balance Production and Social Reproduction -- Capacity to Grant Social Legitimacy to Growth Strategies -- Capacity to Connect Planning to Everyday Life -- Limits and Possibilities -- References -- 5. Institutional Experimentation in the Montreal Taxi Industry: What Role for the State and Collective Action? -- Framework of Analysis -- Methodology -- The Montreal Taxi Industry -- Research Methodology -- Presentation of Results -- Uber: From Contesting to Experimentation -- Social Innovation - the Case of Téo Taxi -- Between Contesting, Innovation, and Experimentation -- Discussion -- Notes -- References -- Part III: Comparative Studies of Experimentation -- 6. Marginalising Manufacturing: The Politics of Downgrading in the UK Apparel Industry -- Growth in UK apparel manufacturing across regions and subsectors -- Economic and Social Downgrading within United Kingdom Wearing Apparel Manufacturing -- Marginalising Apparel Manufacturing in Greater Manchester and Leicester: Two Political Projects -- From the Lockdown to New Public-private Beginnings? -- Conclusions -- Notes -- References -- 7. Power Dynamics, Regional Governance Institutions, and the Quality of Work: A Comparison of Baja California and Queretaro Aerospace Clusters -- Introduction -- Power Dynamics, Regional Governance Institutions, and the Quality of Work -- Institutional Legacies and Power Dynamics in Mexico -- The Aerospace Industry in Mexico -- Baja California Aerospace Cluster -- Queretaro Aerospace Cluster -- Understanding Skill Traps and Wage Gaps in the Aerospace Industry -- Concluding Remarks -- Notes -- References -- Part IV: The Interconnections between Organisational and Institutional Experimentation8. An Instance of Tripartite Successful Institutional Experimentation: Dual Vocational Education and Training in Spain -- Introduction -- The Metalworking Sector in Asturias -- The Dual VET in Asturias -- The Labour- and Education-based Dual VET of Asturias -- The Making of the Agreement within Social Concertation (2005-2014) -- Implementation, Follow-up, and Main Results (2014-2017) -- Appraisal by the Social Actors and Implications (2019) -- Discussion: Strategic Associational Capabilities, Institutional Work, and Triggers and Drivers of Common Knowledge Creation -- References -- 9. From Organisational to Institutional Experimentation in the Montreal Aerospace Industry: Understanding the Role of Trade Union Strategic Capabilities -- Introduction -- The Role of Trade Unions in Processes of Experimentation at the Regional Level -- The Montreal Aerospace Industry -- The Process of Experimentation in the Montreal Aerospace Industry -- Phase 1: Experimenting with Joint Regional Governance Organisation (1980-1994) -- Phase 2: Building Thick Governance Organisations (1995-2010) -- Phase 3: Experimenting with New Institutions (2011-2019) -- Understanding the Role of Trade Union Strategic Capabilities in the Transition from Organisational to Institutional Experimentation -- Conclusion -- Note -- References -- 10. Unions Interrogating Regions and Regionalism in Australia: The Challenges of Experimentation -- Conceptual Questions -- Approach and Method -- Gippsland -- Tasmania -- Summary -- Unions, Regional Governance, and Challenges -- Gippsland -- The Gippsland Experiments -- North West Tasmania -- The North West Tasmanian Experiment -- An Assessment -- Conclusion -- Note -- References -- Index
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