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Economic security and sino-american relations, progress under pressure, Kenneth Boutin

Economic security and sino-american relations, progress under pressure, Kenneth Boutin
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Economic security and sino-american relations
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Kenneth Boutin
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progress under pressure
China and the United States are at a crossroads. While their shared interest in economic prosperity and complementary economic strengths provide the common ground for industrial collaboration, there are increasing conflicts being brought on by increased attention to economic facets of national security. Economic Security and Sino-American Relations explores the evolving security agendas in the United States and China, examining the basis, nature and impact of evolving economic security agendas in both countries. Providing a framework for the analysis and consideration of the impact of economic security on industrial policy, this book looks at Sino-American industrial relations in terms of production relations, technology ties and structural integration. Examining how American and Chinese authorities are balancing conflicting economic security objectives as they pursue their complex policy agendas, as well as considering the basis of American and Chinese approaches to security, Kenneth Boutin shows how national and comprehensive economic security concerns are influencing Sino-American industrial relations. This book will be of interest to scholars of Sino-American relations and the political economy of security, as well as to students and scholars of international relations more generally
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Contents: Preface -- 1. Introduction -- 2. Economic security and its imperatives -- 3. China constructs: economic security in the People's Republic -- 4. America leads: economic security in the United States -- 5. Manufacturing security: Sino-American production relations -- 6. Developing security: technological issues in Sino-American relations -- 7. Structuring economic security: Sino-American industrial integration -- 8. Balancing act: economic security and Sino-American relations -- Bibliography -- Index
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