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Tourism in the green economy, edited by Maharaj Vijay Reddy and Keith Wilkes

Tourism in the green economy, edited by Maharaj Vijay Reddy and Keith Wilkes
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Tourism in the green economy
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edited by Maharaj Vijay Reddy and Keith Wilkes
The concept of the green economy has now entered mainstream policy debates and been endorsed by a range of United Nations and other organizations. The Rio+20 UN conference specifically drew attention to the green economy approach in the context of sustainable development to move away from business-as-usual practices, act to end poverty, address environmental destruction and build a bridge to the sustainable future. It is increasingly recognized that the tourism sector can make a major contribution to the green economy through more sustainable practices, climate change mitigation and ecotourism. The role of tourism sector will continue to be crucial in the post-2015 sustainable development agenda too. However, there are ambiguities about how tourism and allied industries can maximize their contribution to human well-being and ensure environmentally sustainability, embracing issues of political economy, geography and business ethics. In this context, this book provides consensus about what the green economy entails, what role tourism can play in a green economy, early responses from many countries, on-going and emerging research initiatives that will enable tourism's transition to a green economy. The chapters address three key themes: understanding the Green Economy concept and the role of tourism; responses and initiatives in greening tourism; and emerging techniques and research implications. A wide range of case studies from around the world and in different contexts is included to demonstrate the extent of the challenge and range of opportunities for the tourism industry
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Part 1: Understanding the concept of green economy and the role of tourism -- 1. Introduction: Tourism in the Green Economy: Rio to Post-2015 -- 2. Defining the green economy and the potential role of green tourism -- 3. Environmental ethics and challenges to tourism’s place in the green economy -- 4. The role of nature-based tourism in the green economy: a broader perspective for conservation and sustainability in the Philippines -- 5. Understanding the philosophy and performance of tourism and leisure in protected areas for transition to a green economy -- 6. Ecotourism regulation and the move to a green economy -- 7. China's tourism’s march forward: towards a green transition or unsustainable tourism -- Part 2: Best practices for the greening of tourism and allied industries -- 8. Green jobs and employment in tourism -- 9. Sri Lanka and tourism: the need for a green economy approach -- 10. Responses and green tourism initiatives from national parks in Sabah, Malaysia -- 11. The potential of energy tourism: a multiple case study on renewable energy-based tourist attractions -- 12. Eco-certification and labelling programs of hotels in China: policy perspectives for sustainable tourism and a ‘greener’ economy -- 13. Working towards a transition to green economy in small island developing States: The Seychelles -- 14. Destination Ukraine: tourism litmus of transition to green economy -- 15. Ecotourism as a mechanism for achieving a green economy in developing countries: experiences from Ghana -- 16. Local food: greening the tourism value chain -- 17. The Role of green events in a green economy -- Part 3: Research implications and emerging issues -- 18. A micro-macro assessment of climate change and visitors to the Great Barrier Reef, Australia -- 19. Investigating the Transition of the Tourism Industry towards a Green Economy in Samui Island, Thailand -- 20. Greening the high-spend visitor: implications for destination marketing -- 21. Steps towards a green economy: which factors contribute to the social inclusion and economic development of the locals in the Brazilian tourism industry? -- 22. Economic greenwash: on the absurdity of tourism and green growth
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