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The Oxford handbook of the Russian economy, edited by Michael Alexeev, Shlomo Weber.

The Oxford handbook of the Russian economy, edited by Michael Alexeev, Shlomo Weber.
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The Oxford handbook of the Russian economy
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edited by Michael Alexeev, Shlomo Weber.
This handbook is a comprehensive up-to-date study of the Russian economy. Russian and Western authors analyze the current economic situation, trace the impact of Soviet legacies and of post-Soviet transition policies, examine the main social challenges, and propose directions for reforms
Table Of Contents
A look at the past. Modernization and the Russian economy: three hundred years of catching up / Mau and Drobyshevskaya ; Command economy and its legacy / Ericson ; Russia's economic transition / Aslund ; Transformational recession / Popov ; Growth trends in Russia after 1998 / Entov and Lugovoy -- Institutions and governance. Institutional performance / Polishchuk ; Corporate governance in Russia / Enikolopov and Stepanov ; The Russian tax system / Alexeev and Conrad ; The unofficial economy in Russia / Kim ; Russian corruption / Levin and Satarov -- Resources and environment. Russia's dependence on resources / Gaddy and Ickes ; The Russian oil sector / Moe and Kryukov ; The natural gas sector / Moe and Kryukov ; Russian electricity market: variants of development / Vasin ; The economics of mineral resources / Fortescue ; The challenge of reforming environmental regulation in Russia / Golub, Kozeltsev, Martusevich and Strukova -- Financial and real sectors. Economics of the military-industrial complex / Rosefielde ; Blame the switchman? Russian railways restructuring after ten years / Pittman ; Russian agriculture and transition / Lerman and Sedik ; Science, high tech industries and innovation / Makarov and Varshavsky ; Russian banking as an active volcano / Schoors and Yudaeva ; Financial and credit markets / Sutela ; Russian trade and foreign direct investment policy at the crossroads / Tarr and Volchkova -- Regions. Economic geography of Russia / Markevich and Mikhailova ; Fiscal federalism: impact of political and fiscal (de)centralization / Alexeev and Weber ; Regional challenges: the case of Siberia / Thornton -- Policy and social challenges. Labor market adjustment: is Russia different? / Gimpelson and Kapelushnikov ; Privatization / Brown, Earle, and Gelbach ; Higher education reform and access to college in Russia / Kaganovich ; Russia's healthcare system: difficult path of reform / Shishkin ; Poverty and inequality in Russia / Lokshin and Yemtsov ; Recent demographic developments in the Russian federation / Denisova and Shapiro
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Handbook of the Russian economyRussian economy

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