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Cats for dummies, Gina Spadafori, Lauren Demos, Paul D. Pion

Cats for dummies, Gina Spadafori, Lauren Demos, Paul D. Pion
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Cats for dummies
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Gina Spadafori, Lauren Demos, Paul D. Pion
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For dummies
Everything you need to take care of your feline friend Cats are the purrfect pets: they & rsquo;re relatively easy to care for, a blast to play with, and sure to win the heart of every member of your family with their loving nature & mdash;and sometimes sassy demeanor! Cats For Dummies gives you expert insight into everything from cat behavior to what makes each type of feline unique. With this easy-to-understand guide, you'll be able to tackle those tough cat-astrophes from dealing with problem behaviors like scratching the furniture and missing the litter box & mdash;all while learning to understand what your cat is trying to tell you. Happily bring a cat or kitten into your life Keep your new four-legged family member comfortable and safe Live a happy feline-friendly life Keep your cat in prime health Whether you're looking to get your first kitten or adopt a senior cat, this book covers all the basics of feline cat care
Table Of Contents
Intro -- Title Page -- Copyright Page -- Table of Contents -- Introduction -- About This Book -- Foolish Assumptions -- Icons Used in This Book -- Beyond the Book -- Where to Go from Here -- Part 1 Starting to Think Cat -- Chapter 1 Together, Forever: A History of Cats and People -- From Humble Beginnings: How Cats Became So Popular -- Some Common Misconceptions about Cats - and the Facts -- "All cats are cold fish" -- "Cats love places, not people" -- "Cats can take care of themselves" -- Can You Have a Cat If You Have Allergies? -- The Indoor versus Outdoor Controversy -- Chapter 2 Kitten or Adult? Boy or Girl? One Cat or More? -- Kitten or Cat: Which Is a Better Choice for You? -- Everyone loves kittens! -- Adult cat considerations -- She-Kitty, He-Kitty: Which One's Better? -- Let the Fur Fly -- Should You Consider a Pedigreed Cat? -- Characteristics by Breed -- The go-go group -- A touch of the wild -- Longhaired beauties -- The big cats -- Something different -- The unCATegorizables -- The Not-So-Ordinary Everyday Cat -- Chapter 3 Mixes, Markings, and Pedigrees -- What You Need to Know about Shelters -- Animal-control shelters -- Private nonprofit shelters -- Volunteer Rescue-and-Placement Groups -- Breeders: The Reputable, the Ill-Informed, and the Avoid-at-All-Costs -- Finding the elusive "good breeder" -- Shopping at the cat show -- Online shopping -- Spotting the less-than-ideal breeders -- Pet Stores: What about Those Kittens in the Window? -- Your Neighbor's (Or Coworker's) Kittens -- Chapter 4 The Wild Ones: Special Cats, Special Considerations -- Help for the Wild Ones -- Finding the solution that isn't -- Offering a new way of thinking: Trap, Neuter, Release -- But aren't these cats pests? -- Getting Your Feet Wet: How to Help -- First, do no harm -- Helping the helpers -- Feeding community cats: Help or harm?Learning to Care for Community Cats -- Setting up a routine -- Lining up help -- Trapping cats -- Spaying and neutering cats -- Releasing cats -- Housing considerations -- Part 2 Getting Off to a Good Start -- Chapter 5 Choosing a Healthy, Happy Kitten or Cat -- Evaluating the Environment -- Getting a read on a kitty's history -- Making special considerations -- Choosing a Kitten -- Adopting at the ideal age -- Looking at a litter -- Personality testing your kitten -- Considering the Second-Chance Kitty -- Recognizing Good Health in Kittens and Cats -- The outer cat -- The inner cat -- Taking a Leap of Faith with Your Eyes Open! -- Chapter 6 One Is Never Enough: The Multicat Household -- You're in Good Company -- Another cat - for your cat -- Another cat - for you -- Adding to the Family -- Understanding territoriality -- Choosing compatible cats -- Caring for More than One Cat -- Litter box strategies -- Cat trees, cubbies, and hiding places -- Feeding time at the cat ranch -- Multicat Medical Concerns -- Parasite problems -- Infectious viral diseases -- Chapter 7 Setting Your Cat up for Success -- Pre-Cat Preparations -- Eliminating household hazards -- Organizing a "safe room" -- Bringing Your New Pet Home -- Hello, Kitty! -- Children -- Other cats -- Dogs -- Other pets -- Chapter 8 Think Like a Cat to Understand a Cat -- Making Sense of Cat Senses -- Smell -- Hearing -- Vision -- Taste -- Touch -- Speaking "Cat" -- Eyes -- Ears -- Tail -- Voice -- Hair and whiskers -- Posture -- Chapter 9 Feline Friendly: From Cat Toys to Catios -- A New Era for Indoor Kitties -- A Cat Can't Have Enough Toys -- Why toys are even more important to an indoor cat -- With so many choices, go as crazy as you like -- Feline Furnishings Cats Adore -- Why every cat needs a place to scratch -- Perches, catwalks, and shelves -- Turn on the funA Constant Supply of Nibblies -- Finding food is fun -- Going green -- A Whiff of Fresh Air -- Leashes, strollers, and backpacks -- The very best in cat remodels: The catio! -- Some Final Thoughts on Environmental Enrichment -- Someone to play with -- The you factor -- Part 3 Enjoying Life Together -- Chapter 10 Solving Behavior Problems -- Understanding "Bad" Behavior -- Looking at the Root of Unwanted Behavior -- Strategies for Changing Behavior -- Yes, kitty! -- No, kitty! -- Calm kitty -- Fairness -- Attacking Behavior Problems -- Aggression -- Counter-cruising -- Clawing -- Should you consider declawing? -- Noisiness -- Chapter 11 Getting Good Litter Box Behavior -- Defining the Problem -- What's being done, and where? -- Which cat is the culprit? -- Is Your Cat Sick? -- Use the Box, Kitty! -- Cleanliness is next to catliness -- Offering alternatives -- Discouraging misbehavior -- Stopping Sprayers in Their Tracks -- Retraining through isolation -- Chapter 12 Out and About with Your Cat -- Is Your Cat Up to Travel? -- Health considerations -- Temperament considerations -- Leaving Your Pet Behind -- Prepare for emergencies -- Pet-sitters -- Boarding facilities -- Taking Your Pet with You -- Air travel -- Car travel -- Moving Your Cat to a New Home -- Using a safe room for moving -- Anticipating problems -- Allowing time for readjustment -- Chapter 13 Littering: Should Your Cat Become a Parent? -- The Case Against Breeding -- Spaying and Neutering: What's Involved? -- The Birds and the Bees, Kitty-Style -- Choosing a mate -- The "oops" pairing -- Caring for a Pregnant Cat -- Happy Birthday, Babies -- Special delivery! -- After the birth -- Kitten Development -- Birth to two weeks -- Two weeks to eight weeks -- Eight weeks to fourteen weeks -- The adolescent kitten -- Saying Good-Bye to the Babies -- Chapter 14 Home Care: Good Grooming and MoreFur, the Purrfect Complement -- Why Cats Groom -- What's in It for You? -- Tools of the Trade -- Coat-care tools -- Nail-trim aids -- The Importance of Patience -- Keeping Kitty Coats in Shape -- Combing and brushing -- Cat + water + soap = Oh, my! -- Keeping parasites under control -- Clipping Your Cat's Claws -- Dental Care -- Chapter 15 Feeding Your Cat -- Convenience . . . at a Price? -- Maintaining the "Perfect" Cat Diet -- Fulfilling Basic Nutritional Needs -- Protein -- Carbohydrates -- Fats -- Vitamins -- Minerals -- Water -- Choosing Foods -- What type? -- When to feed? -- What about veterinarian-prescribed foods? -- Treat your cat! -- Curbing Eating Problems -- The too-much cat -- The finicky kitty -- Part 4 The Basics of Good Health -- Chapter 16 Preventive Healthcare for Your Cat -- Recognizing Signs of Good Health and Bad -- The physical cat -- Vital signs -- The emotional cat -- Choosing a Veterinarian -- Understanding Your Veterinarian's Role in Preventing Illness -- The not-so-routine exam -- Vaccinations -- Parasite control -- Recognizing Emergencies -- Chapter 17 Common Cat Health Problems -- A Cooperative Approach to Cat Health -- When Does My Cat Need a Specialist? -- Some Common Health Problems -- Abscesses -- Upper respiratory infection -- Difficulty breathing -- Three nasty viruses -- Urinary tract disease -- Kidney diseases -- Diabetes mellitus -- Heart disease -- Tumors -- Giving Your Cat Medication -- Pilling your pet -- Liquid medication -- Ear medication -- Eye medication -- Chapter 18 Caring for an Older Cat -- How Old Is "Old"? -- Normal Signs of Aging -- Decline of the senses -- Changes in appearance -- Behavior changes -- Special Care for Kitty Teeth -- Common Problems -- Hyperthyroidism -- Constipation/Obstipation -- Osteoarthritis -- Home hospice care -- Knowing When It's "Time" -- Euthanasia optionsDealing with loss -- Part 5 The Part of Tens -- Chapter 19 Ten Cat Myths Debunked -- Cats Have Nine Lives -- Cats Need to Drink Milk -- Cats Purr Whenever They're Happy -- Cats Eat Plants If They're Sick -- Cats Are Dangerous around Babies -- Cats Can Be Kept from Using Their Claws -- A Well-Fed Cat Doesn't Hunt -- Cat Fur Causes Allergies -- Black Cats Are Bad Luck -- All Calicoes Are Female -- Chapter 20 Ten Cool Cat-Related Places To Visit -- Hemingway House -- The American Museum of the House Cat -- Citywide Cat Celebration -- Purrfectly Pedigreed -- When in Rome, Help the Cats -- The Ultimate Destination for Cat Cafes -- Hello Kitty! -- Snuggle with a Library Cat (While You Still Can) -- No, They Don't Throw Real Cats Anymore -- Safe Home for Big Cats -- Chapter 21 Ten Common Household Dangers to Your Cat -- Strings and Similar Things -- A Shocking Experience -- The Warm and Deadly Dryer -- Pain Medicines That Kill -- Toxic Plants -- Garage Dangers -- Four-Wheeled Menace -- Towering Danger -- Parasite Products for Dogs -- Chapter 22 Ten Ways to Help Your Cat in a Disaster -- Have a Plan -- Have a Grab-and-Go Disaster Kit -- Get Your Cat ID - and Keep It Current -- Keep Preventive Care Measures and Health Records Current -- Have Restraints Ready -- Keep First-Aid Supplies on Hand - with Directions -- Know the Locations of Nearby Veterinary Hospitals and Other Animal Services -- Keep a "Lost Kitty" Kit Ready -- Corral Your Cat -- Be Prepared to Help Others -- Chapter 23 Ten Nonprofits Worthy of Your Donations -- Winn Feline Foundation -- Alley Cat Allies -- The Jackson Galaxy Project -- Morris Animal Foundation -- Shelter Medicine Programs -- Help with Spay-Neuter -- Cat Sanctuaries -- Big-Box Advocacy -- Veterinary Schools and Colleges -- Local Shelters and Rescue Groups -- Index -- EULA
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