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Retopia, creating new spaces of possibility, Dirk Hoyer

Retopia, creating new spaces of possibility, Dirk Hoyer
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non fiction
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Dirk Hoyer
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Routledge research in anticipation and future studies
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creating new spaces of possibility
"Retopia tells the story of social innovation in times of crisis, and through its cross-disciplinary narrative it goes beyond existing forms of future anticipation and maps out a practice-based approach to the creation of new realities. It explores how new imaginaries, social experiments, and laboratories of societies can create spaces of possibilities, revalidate the peripheries, and create new forms of social coherence. The peripheral regions in Europe are facing a crisis triangle: depopulation, the rise of the 'useless' class, and outdated social welfare systems. It is a crisis of political imaginaries and a lack of inspiring political stories. In response to this, the book specifically focuses on the concept of 'retopia', the idea of creating inclusive spaces of social innovation that encourage active participation. Through the creation of relocalized societies with a high degree of autonomy in 'left-over' spaces such as Sicily, Western Latvia or Northern Bulgaria, retopian redevelopment schemes offer new perspectives on 'ruined spaces'. Retopia uncovers the common links and limitations of utopian studies, future studies, degrowth, narratology, the commons, and political geography. Retopia: Creating New Spaces of Possibility is an articulation of the potentialities of social innovation, political imaginaries, and future images, provoking a stimulating discussion among scholars and students in the fields of Politics and Future and Anticipation Studies"--, Provided by publisher
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Cover -- Half Title -- Series Page -- Title Page -- Copyright Page -- Dedication -- Table of Contents -- Preface -- Chapter 1 Political Agency in the Age of Downsized Expectations -- Imagination and Imaginary: The 'Self' in the 'Us' -- Agency, Spatiotemporal Scope, and Emotion -- The Four Dominant Political Imaginaries -- The Imaginary Mind Scape and Its Impact on Agency -- Notes -- Bibliography -- Chapter 2 Retelling the Story -- Five Premises -- The Friedmanian Story -- The Bartleby Story -- The Revolution Story -- The Matsutake Story -- The Chthulucene Story -- New Premises for the Story Wars -- Notes -- Bibliography -- Chapter 3 The New Commons -- Untangling the Enclosure -- Manifestations of the Commons in the 21st Century -- Notes -- Bibliography -- Chapter 4 The Nowherelands: From Outopia to Eutopia -- Ruins as Sites for Alternative Futures -- The Topoi for Reconstruction -- Notes -- Bibliography -- Chapter 5 Retopia as an Innovation System -- A Redefinition of Innovation -- Retopia as a Method -- The Quest Plot in the Ruined Periphery -- Notes -- Bibliography -- Chapter 6 The Practice of Possibility -- The Sicilian Dream -- Market Place or Making Place -- The Retopian Imaginary and the Practice of Possibility -- Notes -- Bibliography -- Epilogue: Stories from an Open Future -- Index
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