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The emergence of southern multinationals, their impact on Europe, edited by Louis Brennan

The emergence of southern multinationals, their impact on Europe, edited by Louis Brennan
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The emergence of southern multinationals
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edited by Louis Brennan
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their impact on Europe
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Pt. I Introduction -- 1. Introducing Southern Multinationals and their Impact on Europe / Louis Brennan -- Pt. II Quantifying the Emergence of Southern Multinationals -- 2. The Rise of TNCs from the South / Kee Hwee Wee -- 3. Data Constraints in the Analysis of Southern Multinationals: Evidence from the EU / Hinrich Voss -- Pt. III Southern Multinationals from a Home Country Perspective -- 4. Europe in the Internationalization Strategies of the Multilatinas / Germano Glufke Reis -- 5. Internationalization of China's Enterprises and Its Implications for Europe / Changqi Wu -- 6. Characterizing the Patterns of Inward and Emerging Outward FDI in Hungary / Erzsebet Czako -- 7. The Westwards Expansion of Russian Multinationals / Alexander Mansilya-Kruz -- 8. Multinationals from Slovenia -- Nano Size, but Giga Important / Svetlicic Marjan -- Pt. IV Southern Multinationals from a Host Country/Region Perspective -- 9. Chinese and Indian Firms in Europe: Main Characteristics and Presumed Impacts / Christian Milelli -- 10. Chinese and Indian Multinationals in Denmark: Is There Anything Special About Them? / Henrik Schaumburg-Muller -- 11. Chinese Outward Direct Investment in Europe and Belgium: Characteristics and Policy Issues / Haiyan Zhang -- 12. The European Union, Southern Multinationals and the Question of the 'Strategic Industries' / Daniel Diaz-Fuentes -- 13. The Emergence of SWFs and the European Perspective / Louis Brennan -- Pt. V Innovative Perspectives on Southern Multinationals -- 14. Exploring the Configuration of Emerging Country Multinationals -- A Value Chain Perspective / D. E. Fleet -- 15. Cadre-Capitalism Goes Global: Financial Market Reforms and the New Role for the People's Republic of China in World Markets / Jorn-Carsten Gottwald -- Pt. VI Implications for Theory and Theory Development -- 16. Internationalization Strategies of Firms from Emerging Economies: Is There a Strong Case for Theoretical Extension? / Carl F. Fey -- 17. Indian Multinationals, Comparative Capitalism and Implications for Global and Host Country Economic Institutions / Heather Taylor -- 18. The Impact of Financial Strategy on Internationalization of EMNCs -- a Neglected Factor? / Stephanie Graser -- 19. A Southern Multinational and an Emerging European State in an Entry Bargaining Process / Caner Bakir -- Pt. VII Conclusion -- 20. Southern Multinationals and Their Impact on Europe: What Have We Learnt? / Louis Brennan
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