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Extraterritorial citizenship in postcommunist Europe, edited by Timofey Agarin and Ireneusz Paweł Karolewski

Extraterritorial citizenship in postcommunist Europe, edited by Timofey Agarin and Ireneusz Paweł Karolewski
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Extraterritorial citizenship in postcommunist Europe
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edited by Timofey Agarin and Ireneusz Paweł Karolewski
What role does the protection of citizens abroad play in motivating states' policies? How does citizenship of non-residents map onto domestic nation-building projects? And in what ways do extraterritorial citizenship issues differ from those related to diaspora and migration? This volume develops a new analytical framework for emerging research on how states establish relationships with non-resident citizens and resident non-citizens. It provides new insights on the changing relationship between states and the societies they govern, particularly in light of the liberalization of the state institutions on the one hand and their approach to citizenship as a political resource on the other. Examining a range of European states in the post-communist region, the book illustrates the complex geopolitical interests and interstate relations involved with these policy decisions, whilst highlighting the relevance of similar issues around the globe
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Extraterritorial citizenship in postcommunist Europe : setting the parameters for a comparative research agenda / Timofey Agarin and Ireneusz Pawel Karolewski -- Kin-state responsibility, reparations, and extraterritorial citizenship : a comparative analysis of Romania's and Hungary's legislation on kin-minorities / Andreea Udrea -- Regulating access to citizenship after territorial changes : extraterritorial citizenship and the Russian Federation / Karin Traunmüller and Timofey Agarin -- The Polish charter : extraterritorial semi-citizenship and soft power / Ireneusz Pawel Karolewski -- "Less is more, or more is less"? : securitized citizenship in the Baltic states / Jennifer Skulte-Ouaiss -- Nation-state building with the bear in mind : the impact of the Russian Federation in post-Soviet "breakaway" regions / Timofey Agarin -- Armenia and extraterritorial citizenship : a means to self-determination and nation-building? / Narine Ghazaryan -- Ethnic identity, domestic politics and EU incentives : exploring extraterritorial citizenship policies in postcommunist Bulgaria and Macedonia / Cvete Koneska -- Resistance to extraterritorial citizenship in the unconsolidated states in South Eastern Europe / Jelena Dzankic -- Conclusion : is it the time to cut the umbilical cord? / Timofey Agarin
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