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Women and inequality in the 21st century, [edited] by Brittany C. Slatton and Carla D. Brailey

Women and inequality in the 21st century, [edited] by Brittany C. Slatton and Carla D. Brailey
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non fiction
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Women and inequality in the 21st century
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[edited] by Brittany C. Slatton and Carla D. Brailey
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New critical viewpoints on society series
Recent books have drawn attention to an unfinished gender revolution and the reversal of gender progress. However, this literature primarily focuses on gender inequality in the family and its effect on women's career and family choices. While an important topic, these works are critiqued for being particularly attentive to the concerns of middle-class, heterosexual, White women and ignoring or erasing the issues and experiences of the vast majority of women throughout the United States (and other countries). Women and Inequality in the 21st Century is an edited collection that addresses this dearth in the current literature. This book examines the continued inequities navigated by women occupying marginalized social positions within a "nexus of power relations." It addresses the experiences of immigrant women of color, aging women, normative gender constraints faced by lesbian and gender non-conforming individuals assigned the female gender at birth, religious constraints on women's sexual expression, and religious and ethnic barriers impeding access to equality for women across the globe. Contributors to this collection reflect varying fields of inquiry--including sociology, psychology, theology, history, and anthropology. Their works employ empirical research methods, hermeneutic analysis, and narrative to capture the unique gender experiences and negotiations of diverse 21st-century women
Table Of Contents
An unrealized democracy -- Gender scholar spotlight : interview with amrita chakrabarti myers -- Beauty and the beast of inequality: a historical synopsis of women's images as barriers in american labor, politics and entertainment / Kimberly Brown Pellum -- Proper defectum sexus : male privilege over a woman's body / Omar Swartz and Candace Nunag-Hicks -- Democracy, power, and work / Elizabeth Gregory -- Negotiating inequitable terrain -- Gender scholar spotlight : interview with jen jack gieseking -- Unfiltered : male strangers' sexist behavior towards women / Melissa Ochoa Garza -- I am american! taiwanese immigrant women battling everyday racism / Chien-Juh Gu -- Queer faces, unsafe spaces : everyday discrimination experiences of lesbian and gender non-conforming women / Dresden N. Lackey and Rosalind S. Chou -- But i'm the lucky one : a narrative / Dean Ohmsford -- Actors of discourse : gender performativity in women's leadership / Daniella Graves and Martin J. Leahy -- The cultural negotiations of gender through religion among algerian kabyle / Susan Rasmussen -- Psychosocial effects of inequality -- Gender scholar spotlight : interview with mary beltrán -- Hair stress : physical and mental health correlates of african american women¿s hair care practices / Arthur L. Whaley and Evelyn B. Winfield-Thomas -- Gender, arthritis and feelings of sexual obligation in older women / Jason Sumerau and Alexandra C.H. Nowakowski -- I'm a survivor : reconsidering identity, stigma, and institutions for domestic violence / Kesslyn Brade Stennis and Rasha Aly -- Key debates in women's inequality -- Gender scholar spotlight : interview with kazuko suzuki -- Is there liberation for the single, saved, and sexually repressed? / Jacqueline F. Ballou -- Sex work : free and equal? / Sarah V. Suiter -- Reclaiming women's rights to freedom of religion : an assessment of the political and legal complexities affecting the domestication of cedaw and the au women's protocol in nigeria / Abiola Akiyode-Afolabi -- Pushing back : resistance and activism -- Gender scholar spotlight : interview with malachi crawford -- I'm going to get what i want : black women's sexual agency as a form of resistance / Stephanie Campos and Ellen Benoit -- Raise your banner high! mounting a take bake the night event : civic engagement and feminist practice on a university campus / Colleen Denney -- Insisting on intersectionality in the vagina monologues / Erin Heisler --
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