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The India-Pakistan Military Standoff, Crisis and Escalation in South Asia, edited by Z. Davis

The India-Pakistan Military Standoff, Crisis and Escalation in South Asia, edited by Z. Davis
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non fiction
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The India-Pakistan Military Standoff
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edited by Z. Davis
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Initiatives in Strategic Studies: Issues and Policies,, 2945-7149
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Crisis and Escalation in South Asia
This book focuses on the 2001-2002 crisis that brought India and Pakistan to the brink of war. Authors focus on: the political history that led to the crisis; the conventional military environment, the nuclear environment and coercive diplomacy and de-escalation during the crisis; and how South Asia can avoid similar crises in the future
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Machine generated contents note: -- Part 1: The Historical and Political Background of the Crisis * The Roots of Crisis: Post-Kargil Conflict in Kashmir and the 2001-2002 Near War--Praveen Swami * The Political-Military Background of the 2001-2002 Military Standoff: A Pakistani Perspective--Zafar Jaspal * Part 2: The Conventional Military Environment * The Military Dimension of the 2001-2002 India-Pakistan Standoff: Planning and Preparation for Land Operations--Gurmeet Kanwal * Part 3: Managing the Nuclear Environment * What Was Done to Achieve Strategic Stability During the Cold War? Implications for South Asian Crises--Michael Wheeler * Pakistans Nuclear Force Posture and the 2001-2002 Crisis--Feroz Khan * Part 4: Outside Actors and Crisis Resolution:_ The United States Role * Crisis Management in South Asias Twin Peaks Crisis--Polly Nayak and Michael Krepon * The 2002 Crisis: A Real-Time View From Islamabad--David Smith * Part 5: Avoiding Future Crises * Arms Control, Confidence Building and Nuclear Risk Reduction in South Asia: A Pakistani Perspective--Naeem Salik * Conclusion: Lessons Learned and Unlearned
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