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Whitewash, The Story of a Weed Killer, Cancer, and the Corruption of Science, by Carey Gillam

Whitewash, The Story of a Weed Killer, Cancer, and the Corruption of Science, by Carey Gillam
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Includes bibliographical references (pages 255-293) and index
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non fiction
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by Carey Gillam
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The Story of a Weed Killer, Cancer, and the Corruption of Science
It’s the pesticide on our dinner plates, a chemical so pervasive it’s in the air we breathe, our water, our soil, and even found increasingly in our own bodies. Known as Monsanto’s Roundup by consumers, and as glyphosate by scientists, the world’s most popular weed killer is used everywhere from backyard gardens to golf courses to millions of acres of farmland. For decades it’s been touted as safe enough to drink, but a growing body of evidence indicates just the opposite, with research tying the chemical to cancers and a host of other health threats.       In this volume, the author uncovers one of the most controversial stories in the history of food and agriculture, exposing new evidence of corporate influence. The author introduces readers to farm families devastated by cancers which they believe are caused by the chemical, and to scientists whose reputations have been smeared for publishing research that contradicted business interests. Readers learn about the arm-twisting of regulators who signed off on the chemical, echoing company assurances of safety even as they permitted higher residues of the pesticide in food and skipped compliance tests. And, in startling detail, the author reveals secret industry communications that pull back the curtain on corporate efforts to manipulate public perception.   This book is more than an exposé about the hazards of one chemical or even the influence of one company. It’s a story of power, politics, and the deadly consequences of putting corporate interests ahead of public safety
Table Of Contents
Introduction : A silent stalker -- What killed Jack McCall? -- An award-winning discovery -- The "roundup ready" rollout -- Weed killer for breakfast -- Under the microscope -- Spinning the science -- A poisoned paradise -- Angst in Argentina -- Uproar in Europe -- When weeds don't die, but butterflies do -- Under the influence -- Seeking solutions
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