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United in diversity?, European integration and political cultures, edited by Ekavi Athanassopoulou

United in diversity?, European integration and political cultures, edited by Ekavi Athanassopoulou
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United in diversity?
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edited by Ekavi Athanassopoulou
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LES, 2
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European integration and political cultures
"At a time when the European Union is further expanding and countries, such as Turkey are being accepted for eventual membership, the question of what is meant by a unified Europe and how that might be achieved has never been more pressing. Europe is more than a system of rules and political institutions that regulate European citizenship: it is also a space of political traditions, political experiences and cultural memories. Can political integration ever be realised without an understanding and acceptance of the complexity of the political cultures that make up Europe ? In this important volume, European scholars from a diversity of backgrounds explore the issues that must be addressed if the challenge of an integrated Europe is to be successfully met."--Bloomsbury Publishing
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Cover; Contents; Foreword; Preface; Introduction; 1. Same Words, Different Language: Political Cultures and European Integration; Part I: Political Culture and National Identity in Europe; 2. The Impact of Myths and Constructed Memories on European Culture; 3. The Political Cultures of Europe in Historical Context; 4. Modernity and Political Culture: Ulrich Beck's Theory of a Cosmopolitan Europe; Part II: Europe's Nation-States and their Political Cultures; 5. The Political Cultures of Europe in a Historical Context: Northwestern Europe6. Comparing Political Cultures in Germany and the Netherlands 7. Cooperation Among Equals: Political Culture in the Nordic Countries; 8. Political Culture, European Integration: Dilemmas of Southern Europe; 9. The Balkan Political Culture in Historical Perspective; Part III: European Diversity and Integration; 10. State, Linguistic and Cultural Diversity; 11. Political Culture(s) and European Integration: The Role of Institutions and Society; 12. Political Cultures, Markets, Money and EMU; 13. Economic Cultures, States, Money and EMU; Contributors; Index
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