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Surviving autocracy, Masha Gessen

Surviving autocracy, Masha Gessen
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Includes bibliographical references (p. [237]-270)
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non fiction
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Surviving autocracy
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Masha Gessen
"An analysis of the destruction the Trump administration has waged on our institutions, the cultural norms we hoped would save us, and our very sense of identity"--, Provided by publisher
Table Of Contents
What do we call it? -- Waiting for the Reichstag fire -- The Styrofoam president -- We could call it a kakistocracy -- We could call it corruption -- We could call it aspirational autocracy -- We could pretend he is an alien, or call it the government of destruction -- The death of dignity -- Mueller did not save us -- Institutions have not saved us -- Words have meaning, or they ought to -- The power lie -- The tweet trap -- Normalization is (almost) unavoidable -- Resisting Trump's war on the media -- How politics dies -- A white male supremacist president -- "Throwing off the mask of hypocrisy" -- The antipolitics of fear -- Confronting civil society -- The power of moral authority -- Who is "us"? and who are we?