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The use and abuse of stories, new directions in narrative hermeneutics, edited by Hanna Meretoja & Mark Freeman.

The use and abuse of stories, new directions in narrative hermeneutics, edited by Hanna Meretoja & Mark Freeman.
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The use and abuse of stories
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edited by Hanna Meretoja & Mark Freeman.
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Explorations in narrative psychologyOxford scholarship online
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new directions in narrative hermeneutics
Argues that 'narrative hermeneutics' serves as a vitally important vehicle for addressing and redressing current social and political problems. Hanna Meretoja and Mark Freeman have gathered an interdisciplinary group of esteemed authors to explore how interpretation is relevant to the current discussions in narrative studies and to the broader debate that revolves around issues of truth, facts, and narrative. Addressing topics from the dangers of political narratives to questions of truth in medical and psychiatric practice, they emphasize that narrative is a cultural meaning-making practice that is integral to how we make sense of who we are and who we could be
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Cover -- Series -- The Use and Abuse of Stories -- Copyright -- Contents -- Contributors -- Introduction: Challenges and Prospects of Narrative Hermeneutics in Tumultuous Times -- PART I POLITICS OF STORYTELLING -- 1. The Inevitability, and Danger, of Narrative -- 2. Testimony: Truth, Lies, and the Hermeneutics of Suspicion -- 3. Hermeneutic Awareness in Uncertain Times: Post- Truth, Narrative Agency, and Existential Diminishment -- PART II UNDERSTANDING THE SELF -- 4. Verstehen and Narrative -- 5. "Be Loyal to the Story": Sorrow, Narrative, and Truth- Telling -- 6. Narrative as an Interpretation of Self- Pattern -- 7. Speaking of Elves, Dragons, and Werewolves: Narrative Hermeneutics and Other- than- Human Identities -- PART III UNDERSTANDING THE OTHER -- 8. Identity, Understanding, and Narrative -- 9. Found in Translation: Solicitude and Linguistic Hospitality in Storytelling -- 10. The Hermeneutics of Darkness: Interpreting Perpetrators on Their Crimes -- 11. Perpetrator Histories, Silencing and Untold Stories: A View from Contemporary Psychoanalysis -- PART IV NARRATIVE PRACTICES -- 12. Literary and Film Narratives -- 13. Queer Perspectives on Narrative Practices in Asylum Politics -- 14. Narrative Medicine: The Book at the Gates of Biomedicine -- 15. Psychiatric Truth and Narrative Hermeneutics -- Index
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