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Turkey and the European Union, the other side of the coin /, Ilter Turan

Turkey and the European Union, the other side of the coin /, Ilter Turan
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Turkey and the European Union
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Ilter Turan
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PAPERSIEMed.,, 1, 1999-7981 ;
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the other side of the coin /
The Turkey-EU relationship is again occupying a prominent place on the agenda of some member countries these days. Mr. Sarkozy, the recently elected President of France, had made Turkey’s membership of the Union one of the major themes of his campaign, concluding that Turkey does not belong in Europe or in the European Union. Although the question of whether Turkey is a European country was settled a long time ago, it seems that off and on the government of a member country or some other national political actor brings the question back to the table for this or that political end. Faced with these wishes to redefine Europe and the nature of the relationship between Turkey and the EU, the organs of the Union have been steadfast and resisted the reconsideration of questions that have long been settled. Nevertheless, the recurrent desire to reconsider and possibly rescind Turkey’s future membership of the Union is expressed frequently enough to warrant attention
Table Of Contents
The Turkish-EU Relationship in Long Term Perspective -- Turkey is an Interregional Center -- Projecting power -- Turkey’s Membership: The Economic Dimension -- Transportation Routes and Systems -- Energy Links and Energy Security -- The Demographic Complementarity -- Cultural Questions: -- Incompatibility or Richness