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Innovation in ASEAN, change and development, edited by Vanessa Ratten

Innovation in ASEAN, change and development, edited by Vanessa Ratten
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Innovation in ASEAN
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edited by Vanessa Ratten
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change and development
Table Of Contents
Intro -- Acknowledgements -- Contents -- List of Figures -- List of Tables -- Contributors -- Innovation in ASEAN Countries -- Introduction -- ASEAN Innovation -- Conceptual Opportunities -- Innovative Products, Processes and Services -- ASEAN Membership -- The COVID-19 Pandemic -- Objectives of This Book -- Conclusions -- References -- The Transformation of Embedded Means into Resources During Community-Based Venture Creation -- Introduction -- An Overview of the Relevant Literature -- Community-Level Entrepreneurship -- Effectuation Logic -- Effectual Process of Mobilizing Embedded Means for Venture Co-creation in a Community -- Methodology -- Context of the Case Study -- Data Collection -- Data Analysis -- Findings -- Background Information About the Pelegong Homestay Business -- Intangible Means and the Sense of Community as Sources of Opportunity Co-creation -- Trust as the Mechanism Transforming Intangible Means into a New Opportunity -- Activation of Trust within the Community -- Building Trust with External Enablers -- Challenges Ahead -- Discussion of Findings -- Limited Conventional Resources and Embedded Means -- Trust as a Mechanism for Mobilizing and Transforming Means into Valuable Resources -- Building Trust with External Enablers for Accessing New Resources -- Theoretical Implications -- Practical Implications -- Limitations and Future Research Directions -- Appendix 1 -- References -- Entrepreneurial Innovation Strategy in the Midst of Pandemic: A Case of Bersih Solutions -- Introduction -- COVID-19 and Entrepreneurship -- Methodology -- Findings -- Motivation -- Identifying Products and Services for a Pandemic -- Finding the Right Team Members -- Branding and Maintaining the Core Value -- Marketing Strategy -- Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) -- Cleaning Campaign -- Free Cleaning Services Initiative -- Islamic PracticesFamily Support -- Changing the Mindset -- Conclusion -- References -- Evolution of Entrepreneurship Development Among Different Generations in Adopting Technology in Malaysia: Towards a Reconciliation for Collaboration -- Introduction -- The Differences Among Generations in Malaysia -- Generational Differences Towards Entrepreneurship -- Embracing the New Normal (COVID-19) -- Collaboration among the Generations in Pursuit of Entrepreneurship -- References -- Mapping the Field. A Content Analysis of the Literature on Entrepreneurial Ecosystems and Informality -- Introduction -- Literature Review -- Data and Methodology -- Descriptive Analysis -- Word Cloud Analysis -- The Relationship Between Words: Bi-grams and Correlations in the Analysis Between Entrepreneurial Ecosystems and Informality -- Exploring the Words That Are Important to One Document Within a Collection of Documents for the Four Most Cited Papers -- Exploring the Relationship Between Entrepreneurial Ecosystems and Informality Using Topic Modelling -- Conclusions -- References -- A Growth Strategy Perspective: An Empirical Study on MSMEs in Salatiga During the COVID-19 Pandemic -- Introduction -- Literature Review and Hypothesis Development -- Growth -- Business Networks and Firm Growth -- Business Networks and Innovation -- Innovation and Firm Growth -- Business Networks, Innovation, and Gender Moderation -- Business Networks, Firm Growth, and Innovation Mediation -- Research Methodology -- Results and Discussion -- Descriptive Statistics -- Business Networks (BN) -- Innovation (IN) -- Firm Growth (FG) -- Evaluation of the Measurement Model -- Evaluation of the Structural Model -- Testing the Moderation Effect -- Testing the Mediation Effect -- Results and Discussion -- Conclusion -- References -- ASEAN Innovation: Future Research Ideas -- IntroductionThe Need for Studying ASEAN Innovation from a Multidisciplinary Perspective -- Key Thematic Areas Regarding Future Research on ASEAN Innovation -- Empirical and Theoretical Approaches -- Costs and Benefits of ASEAN Innovation -- Conclusion -- References

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