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Electric vehicles, prospects and challenges, edited by Tariq Muneer, Mohan Kolhe, Aisling Doyle

Electric vehicles, prospects and challenges, edited by Tariq Muneer, Mohan Kolhe, Aisling Doyle
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non fiction
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Electric vehicles
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edited by Tariq Muneer, Mohan Kolhe, Aisling Doyle
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prospects and challenges
Electric Vehicles: Prospects and Challenges looks at recent design methodologies and technological advancements in electric vehicles and the integration of electric vehicles in the smart grid environment, comprehensively covering the fundamentals, theory and design, recent developments and technical issues involved with electric vehicles. Considering the prospects, challenges and policy status of specific regions and vehicle deployment, the global case study references make this book useful for academics and researchers in all engineering and sustainable transport areas. Presents a systematic and integrated reference on the essentials of theory and design of electric vehicle technologies Provides a comprehensive look at the research and development involved in the use of electric vehicle technologies Includes global case studies from leading EV regions, including Nordic and European countries China and India
Table Of Contents
The automobile -- Traction energy and battery performance modelling -- Parasitic energy consumption for hearing and cooling -- Battery technologies for electric vehicles -- Next-generation battery-driven light rail vehicles and trains -- Sustainable transport, electric vehicle promotional policies and factors influencing the purchasing decisions of electric vehicles : a case of Slovenia -- Case study for Chile : the electric vehicle penetration in Chile -- Electric vehicles : case study for Spain -- The scenario of electric vehicles in Norway -- A case study for Northern Europe -- Electric vehicles : status and roadmap for India -- Recharging of electric cars by solar photovoltaics -- Drive cycles for battery electric vehicles and their fleet management