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Fukushima, Impacts and Implications, by D. Elliott

Fukushima, Impacts and Implications, by D. Elliott
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Includes bibliographical references (pages 115-138) and index
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by D. Elliott
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Impacts and Implications
The Fukushima nuclear disaster in March 2011 led Japan, and many other countries, to change their energy policies. David Elliott reviews the disaster and its global implications, asking whether, despite continued backing by some governments, the growing opposition to nuclear power means the end of the global nuclear renaissance
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Cover; Halftitle; Title; Copyright; Contents; List of Tables; 1 Introduction: The Nuclear Back-Story; 1.1 Nuclear power: early ups and downs; 1.2 The nuclear renaissance; 2 Fukushima: The Immediate Impacts; 2.1 The Fukushima accident; 2.2 Aftermath; 3 Reactions in Japan and across Asia; 3.1 Impacts on Japan and initial responses; 3.2 The alternatives to nuclear power; 3.3 Fukushima's legacy: a breakdown of trust; 3.4 Reactions across the Asia-Pacific region; 4 Reactions in Continental Europe; 4.1 Europe: strong reactions in the West; 4.2 Germany confirms its nuclear exit4.3 Will Germany succeed?4.4 Reactions in Italy; 4.5 Reactions in France; 4.6 Reactions in the rest of continental Europe; 5 Reactions in the UK; 5.1 A muted response; 5.2 Shifting views; 5.3 An anomalous response?; 6 Reactions in the US and the Rest of the World; 6.1 Reactions in the US; 6.2 Reactions in the rest of the world; 7 Analysis: Political, Economic and Technological Issues; 7.1 Reactions to Fukushima - and to nuclear power; 7.2 Technological choices; 7.3 Political orientations; 7.4 Other patterns of response; 7.5 Economic issues; 7.6 Energy choices: the contested future8 Reactions to Fukushima: Contestation and Trust8.1 The spread of opposition; 8.2 The role of the media; 8.3 Whom to trust?; 8.4 Fukushima's legacy; 8.5 What happens next?; 9 Conclusions: The Lessons of Fukushima; 9.1 The future of nuclear power and reactions to it; 9.2 Some possible outcomes from future accidents; 9.3 The energy policy lessons of Fukushima; Appendix: Nuclear Technology and Its Heath Impacts; A.1 Energy and power units; A.2 Reactor types, fuels and operational issues; A.3 Radiation units and impacts; A.4 Fukushima doses; Credits and Aft erword; References; Index
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