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The Routledge history of women in Europe since 1700, edited by Deborah Simonton

The Routledge history of women in Europe since 1700, edited by Deborah Simonton
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The Routledge history of women in Europe since 1700
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edited by Deborah Simonton
The Routledge History of Women in Europe since 1700 is a landmark publication that provides the most coherent overview of woman's role and place in western Europe, spanning the era from the beginning of the eighteenth century until the twentieth century. In this collection of essays, leading women's historians counter the notion of 'national' histories and provide the insight and perspective of a European approach. Important intellectual, political and economic developments have not respected national boundaries, nor has the story of women's past, or the interplay of gender
Table Of Contents
Preface : European women's history at the crossroads / Jean H. Quataert -- Introduction : writing women in(to) modern Europe / Deborah Simonton -- At home in the family : women and familial relationships / Lynn Abrams -- Female sexuality / Anna Clark -- Learning to be good girls and women : education, training and schools / Rebecca Rogers -- Women workers, working women / Deborah Simonton -- Women religious and religious women : faith and practice in women's lives / Pat Starkey -- Women as citizens : changing the polity / Karen Hunt -- Valiant heroes or pacific ladies? : women in war and peace / Jane Potter -- Home and away : women, popular culture and leisure / Tammy Proctor -- Mistresses of creation : women as producers and consumers of art since 1700 / Siân Reynolds