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Human rights at work, perspectives on law and regulation, edited by Colin Fenwick and Tonia Novitz

Human rights at work, perspectives on law and regulation, edited by Colin Fenwick and Tonia Novitz
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Human rights at work
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edited by Colin Fenwick and Tonia Novitz
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Oñati international series in law and society
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perspectives on law and regulation
The book begins by considering the translation of human rights discourse into labour standards, namely how theory might be put into practice. The remainder of the book tests hypotheses posited in the first chapter and is divided into three parts. The first part investigates, through a number of national case studies, how, in practice, workers' rights are treated as human rights in the domestic legal context. These ten chapters cover African, American, Asian, European, and Pacific countries. The second part consists of essays which analyse the operation of regional or international systems for human rights promotion, and their particular relevance to the treatment of workers' rights as human rights. The final part consists of chapters which explore regulatory alternatives to the traditional use of human rights law. The book concludes by considering the merits of various regulatory approaches
Table Of Contents
The Application of Human Rights Discourse to Labour Relations : Translation of Theory into Practice / Tonia Novitz, Colin Fenwick -- Workers' Human Rights in Australia / Colin Fenwick -- Legal Protection of Workers' Rights as Human Rights : Brazil / Ana Virginia Moreira Gomes -- The Growing Impact of Human Rights on Canadian Labour Law / Christian Brunelle -- China's Legal Protection of Workers' Human Rights / Liu Cheng, Sean Cooney -- Workers' Human Rights in English Law / A.C.L. Davies -- Enforcing Labour Rights through Human Rights Norms : The Approach of the Supreme Court of India / Ramapriya Gopalakrishnan -- Legal Protection of Workers' Human Rights in Nigeria : Regulatory Changes and Challenges / Chioma Agomo -- Constitutionalisation of South African Labour Law : An Experiment in the Making / Stefan Van Eck -- Legal Protection of Workers' Human Rights : Regulatory Changes and Challenges : The United States / Lance Compa -- UN Covenants and Labour Rights / Sarah Joseph -- Taking Social Rights Seriously : Is There a Case for Institutional Reform of the ILO? / Jill Murray -- The ILO, Freedom of Association and Belarus / Lisa Tortell -- Protection of Workers under Regional Human Rights Systems : An Assessment of Evolving and Divergent Practices / Tonia Novitz -- Is There a Human Right Not to Be a Union Member? Labour Rights under the European Convention on Human Rights / Virginia Mantouvalou -- Giving with One Hand and Taking with the Other : Protection of Workers' Human Rights in the European Union / Tonia Novitz, Phil Syrpis -- Core Labour Standards in the GSP Regime of the European Union : Overshadowed by other Considerations / Jan Orbie, Ferdi de Ville -- Decent Working Hours as a Human Right : Intersections in the Regulation of Working Time / Deirdre McCann -- Justice without the Rule of Law? The Challenge of Rights Based Industrial Relations in Contemporary Cambodia / Daniel Adler, Michael Woolcock -- Australian Textile Clothing and Footwear Supply Chain Regulation / Shelley Marshall
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