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Biodiversity for Sustainable Development, edited by K.P. Laladhas, Preetha Nilayangode, Oommen V. Oommen

Biodiversity for Sustainable Development, edited by K.P. Laladhas, Preetha Nilayangode, Oommen V. Oommen
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Biodiversity for Sustainable Development
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edited by K.P. Laladhas, Preetha Nilayangode, Oommen V. Oommen
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Environmental Challenges and Solutions,, 3, 2214-2827
Divided into three sections, this book explores the three main pillars of sustainable development, namely economy, environment and society, and their interlinkages at the regional level. The first section, Access and Benefit Sharing (ABS) for sustainable development, focuses on international agreements and national legislation, as well as the challenges in implementing ABS in e.g. India. In turn, the second section examines the process of forming Biodiversity Management Committees (BMCs) at the Local Self Government (LSG) level to promote environmental sustainability, highlighting local and community-level conservation initiatives that have led to the conservation of habitats and species. The third section addresses poverty eradication and food security. The case studies included demonstrate how the combination of traditional knowledge and modern techniques can enhance the productivity of traditional crop varieties, yielding greater benefits for communities. The aim of this volume is to disseminate the lessons learned from these case studies, as well as the findings from projects already in place, which can offer recommendations that can be applied to similar problems elsewhere in an attempt to find environmental solutions for sustainable development. Further, it introduces readers to new approaches to inclusive development, demonstrating that participation and grass root empowerment are key drivers of equitable and sustainable development
Table Of Contents
Part I – Access and benefit sharing for sustainable development -- 1. International and National Framework on Access and Benefit Sharing -- 2. Access and Benefit Sharing mechanism under the Multilateral System of the International Treaty on Plant Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture -- 3. Contributions of the Corporate Sector to Sustainable Development -- 4. Biodiversity, Access and Benefit Sharing in India: A Critical Analysis -- 5. Access and Benefit sharing: Challenges ahead -- 6. Ethnopharmacology, Traditional Knowledge and Intellectual Property Rights -- 7. Can Benefits Be shared?:Three tangles for access and benefit sharing -- 8. Bio-resources Valuation for Ensuring Equity in Access and Benefit Sharing: Issues and Challenges -- 9. Green GSDP for Sustainable Development -- Part II – Biodiversity governance for sustainable development -- 10. Decentralized governance for sustainable development -- 11. Community conservation of marine turtles and sustainable ecosystems -- 12. Grass-root initiatives for Environmental sustainability -- 13. Conservation through payment for ecosystem services -- 14. Geographical indications and sustainable livelihood -- 15. Grass root initiatives for sustainable livelihood -- Part III Biodiversity for sustainable livelihood -- 16. Release of indigenous tribal community from debt trap -- 17. Sustainable development of Idamalakudy - A tribal Panchayat -- 18. Meliponiculture for pollination support, yield enhancement and poverty eradication -- 19. Sustainable use of wild yams by tribal communities in Kerala, India -- 20. Sustainability of native fish broods and rural livelihood -- 21. Restoring fish habitats for sustainable livelihood -- 22. Sustainable livestock farming-issues and concepts -- 23. Biodiversity and Sustainable development – A Retrospect
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