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Eco-types, five ways of caring about the environment, Emily Huddart Kennedy

Eco-types, five ways of caring about the environment, Emily Huddart Kennedy
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Emily Huddart Kennedy
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five ways of caring about the environment
"In this book, Kennedy challenges how environmental sociologists and others determine who cares about the environment. Shifting the attention away from an individual's values or impact, she instead focuses on the relationship between people and the environment. She examines Americans' affinity for the environment in their own lives, how they understand the severity of environmental decline, and their sense of moral responsibility and efficacy to reduce their ecological impact. Drawing on this data, she describes five archetypal eco-social relationships that capture the variation in how people experience ecological decline: the Eco-Elite, who emulate the cultural ideal; the Self-Effacing, who wish they could; the Fatalists, who believe shopping for change is not a powerful enough tool to protect the planet; the Optimists, who are angry that their relationship to the environment is misunderstood and devalued; and the Peripheral, who observe these dynamics from the side lines and whose own experiences of ecological decline are overshadowed by the omnipresence of the eco-conscious consumer. In both the public imaginary and the scholarly literature, there is a powerful narrative that some people are pro-ecological, and care about the environment, and others are anti-ecological, and uncaring. Kennedy argues that misunderstanding who cares about the environment exacerbates social divisions and compromises the power of civil society to be a force for equitable environmental reform"--, Provided by publisher
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