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An excursion through chaos, disorder under the heavens, Stuart Walton

An excursion through chaos, disorder under the heavens, Stuart Walton
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non fiction
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An excursion through chaos
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Stuart Walton
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disorder under the heavens
"In this incisive study, Walton argues that many great social, political, artistic and philosophical advances have emerged from periods of disorder and the refusal to think within standard paradigms. Whilst, Walton claims, we have been taught to prefer the imposition of rules in all aspects of our lives, this book explores how these strictures are responsible for the alienation that has characterised post-war society, an alienation that could have been avoided if we had simply accepted the chaos. Calling us to embrace chaos, this is a philosophical consideration of the meanings and value placed upon chaos throughout history and thought"--, Provided by publisher
Table Of Contents
Introduction: The Birth of Order from Chaotophobia -- Preface: The Mythographic Origins of Chaos -- Chapter 1: Chaos as Displacement -- Chapter 2: Chaos as Simultaneity -- Chapter 3: Chaos as Discordance -- Chapter 4: Chaos as Malevolence -- Chapter 5: Chaos as Hilarity
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