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Understanding North Korea, indigenous perspectives, edited by Han Jong-woo and Jung Tae-hern - pbk

For South Korean scholars, North Korea is a subject of research pregnant with the meaning of survival of the Korean Peninsula. Based on such a unique position, authors in this book raise and address questions such as how long stability will be maintained in the Kim Jong-un regime, who the power elites behind the system are, and if the North Korean economy is still a Communist planned economy
Table Of Contents
Is US Policy toward North Korea Actually Beneficial to the United States? On the Significance of Introducing South Korean Scholarship on North Korea to Anglophone Readers / Jung Tae-hern and Han Jong-woo -- The Historical Origins and Formation of the Monolithic Political System in North Korea / Kee Kwang-seo -- The Stability of the Monolithic System under Kim Jong-un: An Analysis / Kim Keun-sik and Lee Gee-dong -- The Power Elite of North Korea’s Monolithic System / Lee Ju-cheol -- Potential for Economic Reform in North Korea / Kim Yeon-chul -- North Korean Economy in Transition: Market Feudalism / Han Jong-woo -- The Process of Social Change in North Korea / Lee Woo-young -- Surviving in the Face of Hegemony: North Korea’s Post-Cold War American Policy / Suh Bo-hyuk -- The Formation and Development of North Korea’s Understanding of the United States / Kim Kwang-un -- The Transformation of China-North Korea Relations and Its Implications / Lee Jong-seok -- Twenty Years of the North Korean Nuclearization Problem: The North Korean Perspective / Lim Soo-ho -- Change in North Korea’s Policy toward South Korea and Its Implications / Chin Hee-gwan -- Understanding Conflict on the Korean Peninsula: A Focus on the Yellow Sea Incident / Suh Choo-suk -- Economic Cooperation between the Two Koreas: Present and Future / Kim Yeon-chul -- The Irony of American Policy Toward North Korea: Regime Denial / Han Jong-woo -- Comprehensive Summary and Prospects for a Better Future / Jung Tae-hern and Han Jong-woo -- Major Indicators and Statistics and Current Inter-Korean Relations / Yea Dae-yeol
Physical Description
xiv, 414 p. :, ill., maps ;, 23 cm

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