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Re-becoming universities?, higher education institutions in networked knowledge societies, David M. Hoffman, Jussi Välimaa, editors - hardback

This book provides an overview of the major findings of the comparative research project, Changes in Networks, Higher Education and Knowledge Society (CINHEKS). The main aim of this international comparative research project is the analysis of how Higher education institutions are networked within distinct knowledge societies in two key regions of the world: Europe and the United States of America. This research project was carried out in four European countries (Finland, Germany, Portugal and the United Kingdom) and in two different states in the United States of America. In addition, during the course of the research, a team from the Russian Federation joined the CINHEKS study. The analysis is contextually grounded in a comparative policy analysis focused on the main developments and understandings of the ideas surrounding the term knowledge society, in all countries concerned. Empirical elaboration is established via a series of sequential studies, each building, incrementally, on the previous study. These studies include institutional profiles of higher education institutions, institutional case studies, and an international comparative survey that illuminates academics' social networks. The research findings broaden our understanding of the differences and similarities in how higher education institutions and individual academics are networked within and between societies that understand themselves as knowledge societies. The book introduces a novel analytical synthesis, which asserts contemporary societies have evolved into Networked Knowledge Societies. Methodologically, the book both challenges and raises the bar for previous approaches in comparative higher education, in terms of research design, execution and lays the groundwork for a new generation of international comparative higher education research
Table Of Contents
Preface -- PART I. THEORY, DESIGN AND CONTEXT -- Chapter 1 Introduction to the Book and the Comparative Study / Jussi Välimaa & David Hoffman -- Chapter 2 Higher Education in Networked Knowledge Societies / Jussi Välimaa, Vassiliki Papatsiba & David M. Hoffman). Chapter 3 The CINHEKS Research Design: Taking Stock and Moving Forward / David M. Hoffman & Hugo Horta -- Chapter 4 National stories, convergent trends and divergent paths: discursive construction of Higher Education and Knowledge Society -- nexus in higher education policy texts of five knowledge societies / Terhi Nokkala -- PART II. WITHIN AND BETWEEN HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTIONS -- Chapter 5 Diversity of Higher Education Institutions in Networked Knowledge Societies: a Comparative Examination / John Brennan, Vassiliki Papatsiba, Sofia Sousa & David M. Hoffman -- Chapter 6 Why public policies fostering knowledge networks in academia matter? Insights from the Portuguese higher education system / Hugo Horta & Brigida Blasi -- Chapter 7 Transformation in the knowledge transmission mission of Russian universities: social versus economic instrumentalism / Anna Smolentseva -- Chapter 8 Changing practices, changing values?: A Bernsteinian analysis of knowledge production and knowledge exchange in two UK universities. / Brenda Little, Andrea Abbas and Mala Singh -- Chapter 9 Global, national and local? The competitive horizons and multilayered spatial ties of universities / Anna Kosmützky and Amy Ewen -- Chapter 10 'World Class Local Heroes': Emerging Competitive Horizons and Transnational Academic Capitalism in Finnish Higher Education -- 2010-2012 / David M. Hoffman, Terhi Nokkala & Jussi Välimaa -- Chapter 11: Exploring social network ties of U.S. academics: The importance of employee status, institutional type, discipline, and geography / Aurelia Kollasch, Cecilia Rios-Aguilar, Blanca Torres-Olave and Gary Rhoades -- Chapter 12 The CINHEKS Comparative Survey: Emerging Design, Findings, and the Art of Mending Fractured Vessels / Blanca Torres-Olave, Hugo Horta, Aurelia Kollasch, Jenny Lee and Gary Rhoades --PART III. COMPARATIVE FINDINGS -- Chapter 13 Main Findings and Discussion / Jussi Välimaa, David M. Hoffman, John Brennan, Gary Rhoades and Ulrich Teichler --Appendices -- A CINHEKS Higher Education Institutional Profile Template -- B CINHEKS Interview Protocol -- C CINHEKS Draft Survey Examples -- D CINHEKS Open Access Approach to Further Research
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non fiction
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xiv, 490 p. :, ill. ;, 24 cm

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