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Europe in crisis, problems, challenges, and alternative perspectives, edited by Aristidis Bitzenis, Nikolaos Karagiannis, and John Marangos

As the shock of the 2008 European financial crisis begins to subside, it is time for scholars to step back and analyze the crisis's causes and effects from a multidisciplinary vantage point. Europe in Crisis examines the current state of the European economy, society, and polity, both on the theoretical and political levels, by placing special emphasis on its current crisis. With contributions from heterodox economists and radical social and political scientists, this collection seeks to evaluate past efforts and policies (mainly since World War II), criticize the failed neoclassical/neoliberal perspectives, and offer alternative strategies and policies to Europe's socioeconomic impasse and misery
Table Of Contents
PART I: EU NEOLIBERALISM: POLITICAL ISSUES, CRITICISM, AND ALTERNATIVE PERSPECTIVES. -- 1. Limits of Policy Intervention in a World of Neoliberal Mechanism Designs: Paradoxes of the Global Crisis / Gary A. Dymski -- 2. A Post Keynesian Critique of Schwabian Housewife Logic / John King -- 3. Euroland in Crisis as the Global Meltdown Picks up Speed / Dimitri B. Papadimitriou, L. Randall Wray -- 4. Addressing the Rationality of 'Irrational' European Responses to the Crisis: A Political Economy of the Euro Area and the Need for a Progressive Alternative / Dimitris P. Sotiropoulos, John G. Milios, Spyros Lapatsioras -- 5. The Developmental State Alternative for the EU / Nikolaos Karagiannis and Zagros Madjd-Sadjadi -- PART II: ECONOMIC POLICIES FOR SUSTAINABLE GROWTH AND PROSPERITY IN THE EU -- 6. The Eurozone Needs a Complete Make-over of Its Fiscal Policies / Philip Arestis, Malcolm C. Sawyer -- 7. The Crisis of Finance-Dominated Capitalism in the Euro Area, Deficiencies in the Economic Policy Architecture, and Deflationary Stagnation Policies / Eckhard Hein -- 8. The Euro-area Crisis: Structural Origins and Possible Exit Strategies / Sergio Rossi -- 9. EU Regional and Industrial Policies, Disparities, and Alternative Developmental State Strategies / Joanna Bens, Nikolaos Karagiannis, Abdelaziz Testas -- 10. Complementary Currencies, Communities, Cooperation: The Local Job Guarantee in the Eurozone / Mathew Forstater -- PART III: THE EU NORTH-SOUTH DIVIDE AND COUNTRY-STUDIES -- 11. Globalisation and Capital Mobility: The Impact on the European Union / Alexander G. Kondeas -- 12. The Crisis of the Core Seen Through the Eyes of the Periphery: A Schelling Model of the Global-South Megacity and the European Crisis / Gary A. Dymski -- 13. Dead Economic Dogmas Trump Recovery: The Continuing Crisis in the Eurozone Periphery / C. J. Polychroniou -- 14. The Economic Crisis in Spain: Mistakes in the Management of the Economic Policy / Jesus Ferreiro and Carmen Gomez -- 15. The Battle against the Shadow Economy as an Exit from the Greek Sovereign Debt Crisis / Aristidis P. Bitzenis and Vasileios A. Vlachos
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xviii, 298 p. ;, 24 cm

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