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Portraits of women in international law, new names and forgotten faces?, edited by Immi Tallgren.

This volume offers a set of biographies of women and gender non-conforming people who made a difference in international law but who, in most cases, were never well-known or have been forgotten. These portraits describe each individual's engagement with international law, the context in which they worked, and the barriers they faced
Table Of Contents
Intro -- Title Page -- Copyright Page -- Dedication -- Contents -- List of Figures -- List of Abbreviations -- List of Contributors -- I. Opening the Exhibition -- 1. Re-curating the Portrait Gallery of International Law: The Objectives, Process, and Floorplan of the Exhibition -- II. The Vestibule of the Legendary Ancients -- 2. Christine de Pizan: The Law of Warfare as Seen by a Medieval Woman -- 3. Olympe de Gouges: Beyond the Symbol -- 4. The Reign of Order and the Rights of Siege According to Rosa Luxemburg -- 5. Maria van Reigersberch: Wife of Hugo Grotius -- III. Figureheads of Fighting for Peace -- 6. Bertha von Suttner: Locating International Law in Novel and Salon -- 7. Jane Addams: Positive Peace from the Everyday to the International -- IV. The Winter Garden of Abolition and Resistance: Women Against Slavery, Racism, and Imperialism -- 8. Anna Julia Cooper: A Voice from the (Global) South -- 9. Homelands of Mary Ann Shadd -- 10. Avabai Wadia: A Gentle Rebel of (Other) Nations? -- V. The Hall of Diversity of Feminist Activism in International Law -- 11. Ghénia Avril de Sainte-Croix: Abolitionism and the League of Nations -- 12. Yayori Matsui: Challenging the Silences of International Law through Pan Asian Feminist Solidarity -- 13. Canonizing the Memory of Annie Ruth Jiagge in the Global Efforts towards Gender Equality -- VI. The Hall of Women for Social and Economic Development by International Law: A Nordic Dream? -- 14. Alva Myrdal: The Rise and Fall of Social Democratic Internationalism -- 15. Ester Boserup: Women and Development on the Margins -- 16. Helvi Sipilä: Advocating Women's Rights at the UN -- VII. The Breakers of the Glass Ceiling: The 'First and Only' in International Institutions -- 17. Suzanne Bastid: The First of the 'Firsts' -- 18. Marguerite Frick-Cramer: A Life Spent Shaping the Geneva Conventions
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